24 May, 2010

My Nephew

A special bond we share,
One without fights, grudges & hatred,
But a beautiful relationship filled with love, innocence, kisses & bites!
He hits me, but it doesn't hurt,
His way of expressing love touches my heart,
I'm on the verge of tears when he's hurt,
I'm myself when I'm with him,
Comfortable in my skin,
I'm not judged, but loved irrespective of my flaws,
He's the naughtiest kid I've known,
But, why in the world would my love lessen because of that?!
At the age of 1.5, he's taught me to be myself, to have fun & to be responsible!
I'm not embarrased when he calls me 'Chithi',
But a feeling of pride, joy & love fills my heart!
He's a beautiful addition to our already beautiful family,
He steals my heart just like Krishna stealing butter!
Irrespective of how insane my poem sounds, I don't care, Cause I've heard that love drives you insane,
And that's what his love & mesmerizing smile have done to me,


  1. Aww, this is damn cute!

  2. Kathleen MethreyaJune 22, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    Heya babie :)

    Is the poem about Pranav??

    Miss yu! <3

  3. Awesome work! :)