04 September, 2010

Broken Love.

It's a beautiful evening,
A dark one indeed,
Just the black blanket spread out,
Spotted with glittering diamonds.

Just you & me,
The biting cold,
But I'm warm inside.

I want to scream,
I want to talk,
But of what?

I feel so complete,
I'm not left out,
I'm by your side,
I'm definitely happy & full of life.

Silence suddenly seems better than words,
Are we on the edge?.. I wonder.
I look into your eyes,
I see them look worried,
But of what?

I speak out.. Is everything okay?
You clasp my hand,
I feel so beautiful,
I look up at you,
And see you have something to say.
Go on, I speak out.

Your a marvel,
A piece of art,
Till you say.. I'm sorry, but we can't go on.
Thousand questions run through my head,
I feel dizzy, had the lightning struck?
I'm not furious though, I just ask you why.

You say, I've got to move on.. Your hindering me.
I'm taken aback, I feel whipped by the cruelty in your words,
I stand there..
Holding you tight, never wanting to let go,
I look up at you,
I realize your a marvel.
I finally speak out, in a tear-filled voice,
What are we doing next?
With no mercy, you say, move on.

You free yourself from my clasp,
I collapse,
You provide no solace, no warmth, no comfort,
You just walk away, leaving me behind.

I gather myself, stand up straight,
And walk aimlessly,
No idea where I was heading,
Filled with your thoughts,
Whipped by your cruelty.

I finally reach home,
Head to my room,
Nobody's home,
I turn to myself for strength,
Fall on he bed,
Clasp my pillow,
And cry till I fall asleep.

I wake up around mid-night,
And try to wonder what went wrong,
I come up with none,
I tell myself it's over,
And again, cry myself to sleep,
It's my lullaby.

A bright sun,
Wakes me up,
A bustling world,
An optimistic day,
A beautiful lifetime ahead.

I force your thoughts out of my head,
Brush, shower & get dressed,
I walk out a noon,
And walk into the woods,
Where we last met.

Candy wrappers still lay there,
Your abandoned jacket too,
I pick up your jacket,
And tug at it hard,
Till I can feel your warmth.

I suddenly realize your hypocrisy,
I realize your selfishness,
I'm boist with confidence,
I walk upto your home,
4 miles away,
Holding your jacket & letting it sway with the wind.

I reach your doorstep,
Your taken aback to see me,
You ask me to come in,
I peep in & decide I'd rather move.
I speak out.. No, it's okay. Just came to return your jacket. I've got to MOVE ON.

I'm taken aback at what I just said,
You look astonished,
You say.. If you want, maybe.. We could take another chance.
I force a smile, look into your eyes & barely manage to be heard,
But the words come out, strong & confident,
I'm nobody's second choice, baby. You should have made me a priority & not an option.

I see the suprise on your face,
I can feel some joy inside me,
The cruelty of my words whipped you,
Just the way yours whipped me.

I step forward & give you a hug,
The hug lasts a few seconds,
My eyes are teary,
I face you to say the last rites..Goodbye.
You say the same, your words barely audible,
I turn around & walk the route back home.

I keep wondering how,
I could have said those words,
They were painfully strong,
Realistic & practically perfect.

AND! That's just when I realise,
How I said those words,
How I was strong to bear the pain,
How I refused my dream baby's second choice.

Well, it's no secret,
You gave me the strength,
Honey, you were my strength, my happiness & my realms of perfection,
But no longer.


  1. Really touching.. Beautiful writing!

    Got what I needed most.
    Thanks. :)

    Love & regards.