02 September, 2010

My Sister :)

An enviable bond we share,
A great age difference too,
Loads of love & hatred too,
Fight we do & cuddle too,
I wanted to be her first in everything,
Teacher, friend, love, enemy, sweetheart..
But what is the bond we share in reality?
You must have guessed by now,
Yes, she's my sister,
My angel, my devil, someone I look upto inspite of her innocence,
There have been times I wish I'd not prayed for a sister & there are times when I can't thank the Lord enough!

Yes, we share an enviable bond,
One full of innocence, love, hatred, dominance & fights,
There have been times when I'm low & wait for her words of wisdom & reciprocate, I do too.
Whatever we do, inspite of how much we love or hate each other,
One thing will never change..
She my sister, only MINE & I will love her for that. 

Abi :)

1 comment:

  1. I love your sister too! :D

    Nice poem, written from the heart. :)

    Regards & Love.