30 December, 2011

Unconditional Love

What is unconditional love? Is it something that can be experienced by everybody in his or her life? I had these doubts and more, when I was asked to write on this topic. Honestly, I googled about it, searched Wikipedia, but none of their articles could arouse in me the emotions that this word possesses! 
I’ve said this to so many people in my life, “I hate you for not doing this for me! It was such a simple task!” Unconditional love means to love someone, regardless of one’s actions and beliefs. When a sentence I use in everyday life with the ones I love doesn’t display unconditional love, then how can I ever be eligible to write about this? 
With these thoughts in mind, I decided that I would write about this topic only when I experience it. I also decided to reach out to my loved ones, reduce my conditions and start loving unconditionally. If there is a person on this planet who will let one make mistakes, hurt her in a way nobody else can and yet love without limits, it is a mother. The pain and suffering she endures in her womb for nine months doesn’t bring out any negativity in her. Instead, it strengthens the bond and she establishes a pre-natal connection towards her child. Failing a test, spoiling your name at school, creating problems, making her stand in front of the principal’s office, paying fines for misbehavior, nothing deters her love for her child. A mother never expects anything in return from her child for her love. Neither does she impose conditions on a child to gain her love! That’s unconditional love.
My mother and I had several problems during my adolescence. We detached ourselves from each other (or so I thought). We had constant arguments, fights and uncontrollable tears. Our emotions were all over the place. I decided to fix our bond and started to make an ‘effort’. It was then that I realized how dumb I had been. I had complicated things by moving away from her, when all she had tried to do was understand that horrible phase of my life. I decided to start by spending an hour with her everyday. There were no negative emotions in her! She had already forgiven me! It was I, who had detached myself, trying to deal with my problems, but had instead, complicated them. The fact that my mom accepted and ignored my temper and my weaknesses, but had focused on my love for her startled me. That’s unconditional love.
As a kid, all of us loved unconditionally. We held no grudges towards people who did us bad, no extra love for the good doers and no conditions did we impose on the ones we loved most. We saw all our loved ones as equals and kissed, cuddled and hugged with equal intensity. There was no friend, close friend and best friend. Everybody was our friend. We didn’t know to hurt, dominate or bully others. Our feelings and emotions were pure and innocent. That’s unconditional love.
Jesus died on the cross, so that his believers do not have to pay for their sins or suffer an eternal death. Krishna fought the demons to ensure his believers a happy life. God loved his followers and was willing to go through anything for them. That’s unconditional love.

Love is everywhere. It’s there in the person who helps the old woman cross the road. It’s there in the traffic policeman’s heart. A love for safety. It’s even there with flower vendors. A love for flowers. Critics love too. Not just their families, but the work they critic, be it movies or books. We have a career because we love what we’re doing. Unconditional love towards our careers. Fantastic, isn’t it? Look into the world around you and you will discover the various forms in which unconditional love exists.
I’ve come a long way from where I’ve started. From not knowing to love to giving out love unconditionally. Amazing progress right? It isn’t easy, but it’s worth all the effort. You will be reciprocated with twice of what you give and you would be harvesting in a relationship that will last for eternity.


Life in Transition!

My life is in transition.  I’m moving towards a new phase in my life.
I’ve graduated high school & am going to step into college. I’m going to get rid of this ‘TEENAGER’ tag, as I’m almost 18. A young adult.
I’ve crossed many phases with different emotions. I’ve moved on from an infant to a baby, baby to a child, child to a teen & now, am moving forward in life. Though I am not aware of all the emotions, I can feel what the transition phase is putting me through.
Right now, I am uncertain about the future, confused, got my heart set at my goal & waiting to push through all that life has to offer me.
Transition is a part of life & with it comes adapting to the new ‘you’. Being a teenager gave me a greater sense of freedom & independence. It also brought in me the want to enjoy life & a sense of a little carefree nature. My parents molded me to the person I am today. Now, it’s my turn to mold my life to the form I want it.
Stepping into college makes me feel like I’m responsible for my life. It makes me more ambitious, assertive, independent & invokes in me the attitude to excel. College might me the place to have fun, as rules are broken & classes bunked. But it is also the place that will shape the future. It is what I do here that will determine how I will be decades down the line.
I didn’t achieve what I am capable of for the past two years. And right now, I’m glad I didn’t, as I have a greater urge to excel. I should be thankful that I have parents who will go to any extent to get me what I wish for. I’ve learned a lot over the past two years. When you’re easy on life, it gets infinitely harder on
you. The path of life should be in your hands. Yes, be a path breaker.
I don’t know if this is what every teenager goes through when they’re entering college. I don’t know whether they enter with dreams to achieve. I don’t know if temptations take the better of them or whether their will power isn’t strong enough. But I just know what I am made of. I know where I want to be decades down the line. I know that I listen to my heart more than my mind. If my heart lies in doing something, I know it’s close to me having achieved it!
It’s difficult for me to set my heart & mind into doing something, to tune into the essence of my life. But, only when a bee sucks a flower, there is pollen, nectar & finally, sweet honey. Only when life grinds you, your true capabilities are shown & life ends up being sweet honey.
Coming back to my life, I know that I’ve wanted to do Aeronautical Engineering, since I knew to dream. I’ve always had a knot in my stomach (in a good way!), a wide-open mouth, glittering eyes, a child’s fascination & a zap into the future, every time I’ve seen an aircraft. I’ve imagined myself in the cockpit, in charge of the beautiful machine, an instrument in my hands. Now’s the chance for me to achieve what I want.
Yes, my life is in transition, but I’m more confident about making this transition the best that has happened to me. A lot of my friends are getting into college & I hope they have the brightest future possible!
After all, it’s your life. You can make it or break it. Make this phase of your life favor you!

Friends! =)

FRIEND. The most frequently used word. A word that arouses feelings of love and compassion. It also brings back many fond memories and a few sad ones of drifting apart. But who is a friend? According to the dictionary, a friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
A friend is one who walks in when the entire world walks out. He is the one who stands by your side, letting you experiment with your life. He silently supports your rightful activities and helps you stop doing wrong things. This person takes time out to make you a better person. He listens to all your problems and doesn’t offer a solution, but lets you find it by yourself.
My life is like Vietnamese Cuisine, containing the maximum number of unusual or different kinds of ingredients. I’ve personally had varied kinds of friends. Truthful and loyal ones, back stabbers, friends for a season and of course, friends for a reason. I have friends who stick by me through odds and evens and ones who call me up on the days they need a favor. 
In life, you’ll realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you. Some may cause us pain, but we’ll learn to move on. In the end, we let go of the people who can’t treat us right and hold on to the ones who love us and can see our worth.
Friends for a lifetime. I have them and I treasure them, cause they are more precious than the most precious jewels. They are the ones I call at 4am in the morning to tell them I’m awake or run to crying when I have problems. They’re like family. Apart from my immediate relatives, they are the ones who’ve stood by me whenever I battled life’s game. They’re the ones who pull out the best in me and help tame my worst. They are the ones who arrive with a shovel at the time of trouble, to bury my problems and with bottles of Coke and plenty of movies to celebrate my success.
There are hundreds of people who impact my life everyday. They teach me things indirectly, but if I look beyond the initial shades of nature, I see their goodwill. Even if I do not implement what they have taught me, I can atleast spare a few minutes to analyze their thoughts. They might not be my friends, but they are those who can fill up those vacant positions with an effort.
Life is a collage. It’s a masterpiece. It’s a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are efforts, that when put together form the big picture. The creases in it are filled with people whom we value. They are the ones who put our efforts together and help us bring out the best in the picture.
And those people are the ones we call FRIENDS! :)