29 February, 2012

Tea for two and a Piece of Cake Tuesday. :)

This is the last prompt in the 'Tea for Tuesday' series by Preeti Shenoy!
Preeti Shenoy is a fabulous writer who is amazing at expressing emotions in words. She has written two National Best-sellers and is a beautiful person.
To get to know more about her, check out http://justamotheroftwo.blogspot.in/

Moving on to answer her interesting prompt..

 1. If you had Rs.50,000 to just blow up (you have to spend it on YOURSELF. Giving to Charity or buying gifts for others not allowed), what would you spend it on and why?
I would spend it on Jimmy Choo footwear! I have a fetish for footwear and I've wanted to possess a pair of stylish and comfortable Jimmy Choo's! :)

2. Name three of your closest friends (not family or spouse) and say why you love them.
Vaishali: She's there through thick and thin. My best friend of seven years!
Suman: She's a sweetheart with ears that listen and a heart that speaks. The most beautiful and talented person I know.
Akhil: Accepts me inspite of my flaws and compromises for me. Helps me do the right things and always listens to all I blabber.

3. Name three books which have profoundly affected you and which you would recommend to everyone to read.
Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

4. If you know for certain that you can never ever fail, what would you attempt to do?

5. What is THE ONE THING that you want very very badly?
I want to publish my own book and I want to do my semesters well! :)

Thank you Preeti for a prompt that helped me look inward!

Happiness and love to all. :)