12 March, 2012

Dear God.

P.S: It's filled with various questions that struck me through the day.

Dear God,
I have a lot of questions on my mind. I've been having a bad day and I need to know some basic facts of life. Why do you put me in such a situation that I feel I can't solve? Don't you love your child enough to keep her in your safe hands? Do you want me to electrocute myself on cross-wires and come back to you?
God, why is it that in today's world people can't speak what's on their mind? What is the necessity to pretend to be someone nice, naive and understanding, when in reality you are not? Doesn't that make one a hypocrite?
Does luck exist? Does karma really exist? Will every harm I do to people and vice-versa really retrace its path back to the bad doer?
Why is life so complicated? Or is it us, mere mortals who complicate it? Was life meant to be simple?
When I read your holy book, I felt peace. Isn't peace the main goal of life, my dear God? What are the goals of life? And why is it so difficult to be happy? Can you tell me the path to happiness?
Somebody told me that if I surrender myself to you, I will be able to feel utmost peace and happiness. They also said that you will take care of me. Will you teach me how to do that?
Why is there such a huge barrier before achieving anything in life? Why can't people learn to respect each other? Why is there such a wide gap between the rich and the poor? Aren't all your children equal in your eyes?
What are relationships, God? Why do we have them? Why are they the best and the worst things in one's life? How do you choose the right people to invest your time on? How do you define trust? How do you know if they're worth it? Can I please have a trust-o-gauge? Why do people not lend a listening ear, a warm heart and healing words to people who are low and disturbed? But why do they flock to share a person's happiness? Aaaaah, the ironies of life that I shall never understand.
God, what is ambition? Is it right? Isn't that why Julius Ceaser was killed, but Alexander flourished? What was wrong with Hitler? He had the best brains. But why didn't you mould him right to use his knowledge, skills and courage responsibly? Is it his fault or yours?
My dear Lord, I have a lot more questions buzzing around my head. But till my random thoughts and questions take shape, this is all I have to ask. I hope you answer, after taking into consideration my maturity level. I love you with all my heart and I hope you always guide me and give me the strength to do the right things in life.
Help me to remember Lord, that nothing is going to happen that you and I can't handle together.

Your blessed child,
AaeKay :)

11 March, 2012

A Smile!

It's a tiny curve,
That sets things straight,
The best way to end a fight?
A smile is all that's needed.

Live your life the way you want to,
Love your life the way it is,
When things go wrong,
All you need to do is smile.

A smile..
Motivates, encourages, spreads optimism,
Is like a burning candle,
A source of hope,
And a path illuminator.

Hide your troubles,
Isn't what I'm saying,
Smile through it,
For it will give you the strength,
To face your troubles,
And to be strong in the midst of it all.

Whatever goes wrong,
Whatever goes right,
Don't forget,
It takes 48 muscles to frown,
And only 17 to smile!

That's good exercise for the muscles, you might think,
Hardwork never killed anybody,
But why take a chance? :P
Life is simple,
Live it large,
Smile through every moment,
For only then will you gain,
Without the pain!

10 March, 2012

My Mom. :)

She is my first God and my first love too,
The first voice I recognized,
The first face I kissed,
The one who taught me to walk, talk and love,
The one who showed me the world outside,
The person who gets worried when I reach home late,
An epitome of love and sacrifice, she is indeed;
Loves me the way pigs love muck!
She pampers me like a kid, when I'm no longer one!
I torture her in all ways possible and taunt her dreams,
At times, her attitude makes me wonder..
Am I a good daughter?
MOM, one thing is for sure,
You've taught me to be proud of who I am, to look at people's good qualities and to spread good cheer. :)

Just a side-note..
Who's that special person you fight with and yell at all the time? No matter how much you scream, fight, kiss, love, hate or at times, even wish that she would die, she will always love you, take care of you and be with you till her last breath! She's special and we are who we are, all thanks to her! She's a mother! I love you, mom!! :)

A Woman.

She is an art,
A wonder too,
She symbolizes strength,
She teaches love to all,
She got you into this world,
Taught you to love and live it through all difficulties.

Give her due respect, 
Cause without her, you'd be nobody,
An epitome of love and sacrifice,
She lets you rule her world.

Behind every man stands a woman,
It's so damn true,
Past shows instances, so does the present and the future will too,
So, why don't we all admit that there's a women behind us?

04 March, 2012


Courage. A word that automatically fills our mind with visuals of soldiers facing grenades and fighting wars. But courage is much more than that. What is courage?
It is a quality that makes a person face situations without fear of danger. It is all about being brave. It is a quality which every individual exhibits at many instances in life. It is not only during life-death situations that this beautiful quality is displayed.
Expressing differences in opinion takes courage. It takes courage to talk to a gathering of people. The same quality is required to defend a helpless person and to plunge into unknown horizons. Courage is required to make history and to break senseless traditions. Making a living by pursuing your passion, crossing boundaries you've set up for yourself and even, addressing your inadequacies and insecurities takes immense courage. In fact, it took courage to bring you into this world! A mother's courage to push you out inspite of her pain. With every step one takes forward in life, it's courage that pushes them ahead. The courage to walk. The courage to talk. It's courage that made you take that first step in every aspect of life.
With courage comes confidence and self-belief. With it, also comes leadership and success. In fact, with courage comes the hope of a new world and unfortunately, even destruction. It takes courage to live life after the death of a loved one and surprisingly, the same courage to die.
It was Mahatma Gandhi's courage that freed us from the clutches of colonialism. And.. it took Adolf Hitler the same courage to destroy a whole country! It was courage that enforced peace in a violent nation and violence in a peaceful country.
Courage is like a coin. It has two sides to it. There are innumerable ways to use it. Courage is what it takes to do the right things and to do wrong. Hitler and Gandhi displayed immense courage. The world is in awe of the footsteps one man left and despise the same quality that his counterpart displayed.
Courage, when used responsibly, is a tool with the potential to bring heaven into hell. It is the spark, which ignites the engine of change, thereby breaking boundaries, crashing set limits and rewarding one with strength, experiences and moulding each person into someone better.
After all, courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

03 March, 2012

Problems? Just look around you.. Life is filled with costless pleasures.

Have you had those days where life eats you up with problems and stressful situations? Days where remorse from the past just floods into your life? It's on such a day that I decided to settle down with a book to clear my mind and look life in the eye. As I was rampaging through my bookshelf and noticed the number of unread books, I got restless and sad. I knew that it was a long time since I read a book, but it was a great solution, as it would push me into my protagonist's world (which often happens to be worse than mine) and I would end up counting my blessings! It was then that I saw my sister (five years of age) who was peacefully smiling in her sleep. My mind found it's calmness. For that moment, nothing in the world mattered to me, other than my sister. It was at such a time that I decided to visit Shachi's blog, Expressions. She writes about her cute daughter and things that matter on her blog. Her blog is aptly named, as she makes you feel the expressions behind every word she writes.
What I'm trying to say here is that, there's always a person who will you lift you up when your down. They will provide you with the solace you require and equip you with the strength you need to face the rest of the day. They will make you smile and count life's blessings. They might not be people close to you or sometimes, even people you know! They are chance encounters in this journey called life.
Aren't there situations we face in life that instantly warm our heart and leave us feeling a lot better than before? These situations don't leave a hole in our pocket and most of the time, they cost nothing! They are the costless pleasures in life. Watching a sunrise from your terrace, feeding a stray dog, a baby's teeth-less smile, staying up all night to do something you love, looking at a kid sleep while sucking his thumb, listening to the heartbeat of a loved one, stumbling on a beautiful blog, sleeping on a patch of wet grass, dancing without music, falling asleep on a mother's lap, smiling at a stranger, laughing till your stomach hurts, crying on the shoulder of a beloved, being there for someone who needs you.. All these pleasures are free and no material possession can ever equal the joy that these immaterial moments bring!
And do you know what? All these beauties in life can be enjoyed with anybody! You don't need that special someone or need to go in search of a 'special' friend who will do any of these things with you. These moments will fill your heart with overflowing happiness and leave you feeling peaceful to the brim. Yes, life is a series of costless pleasures. We just need to open our heart and eyes to perceive them.
The next time your overwhelmed by a problem, tell yourself that life offers you so much to smile for and so little to crib about. After that, look around and you will observe how true what I said is. There will be many things around you that will warm your heat and fill your mind with peace. This is not the solution to your problem.. But this will definitely leave you less anxious, more calmer and in a perfect state of mind to determine whether your problem is really worth all the stress and there will you find a solution for it.
So once in a while, when your goals slip, drop your problems, take a stand and look back at how far you've come in life. After you drop your problems, breathe, pause and look at the beautiful things around you. Then life will be a lot calmer and much more beautiful than you ever imagined. Oh! And the problem? There's no problem that exists without a solution. :)
Thank you Shachi for making me realize how beautiful life really is and how blessed I am. The most important thanks and hugs go to Ruhi for making me realize that babies do one thing better than we adults do.. And that is living every moment of life!! :)
Go out there and live the beautiful life you've got! It doesn't last till eternity and your problems don't have to too!! :)

02 March, 2012


It’s a word with a profound meaning. Passion is a compelling or powerful emotion or feeling. It’s a feeling that drives you crazy. It could be about anything. You could be passionate about writing, dancing, singing or even, programming!

Passion is a feeling that drives life. It moves us forward towards our goal, keeps us focused, helps overcome obstacles and feel contended and happy with life.

But, in today’s world, money and opportunity has replaced passion. Passion does not only need to be in your hobbies. It should be a part of your everyday life, the job that you do, and the course that you study. There is always that one thing that makes our heart throb with happiness and we are always eager to do something in it. That should our path of life. Fine arts do not need to be a hobby only. This is a misconception. Dancing, singing, writing, etc. can very well be career choices in our life. You might not end up like Asha Bhosle, Yamini Krishnamurthy or John Grisham, but the happiness derived out of pursuing something close to your heart is exponential.

If your passion lies in cars and you are not sure if there is a future ahead in that field, go ahead study a course about automobiles and pursue a career in it. Life is not about money alone. It is about doing things that make you happy. Ambition and passion are words with more profound meanings than money.

My mom and I have frequent arguments on this topic. Whenever anybody happens to tell my mom about the limited scope in Aeronautical Engineering, my mom hypes up and asks me why I had to take up that course. When I happen to tell my mom the passion and interest I have in that field, my mom immediately retaliates about how money is more important. She tells me how I cannot fulfill my demands without it. Yes, I completely agree with you, mom. But, can money buy me passion? Can it alone make me happy?

The richest people in the world are not happy ONLY because they are rich, they are happy because they listened to their hearts. They pursued their passion or put in passion in whatever they had to do. When you look back at life, it’s not money or property that’s going to make you smile. It’s what you did with your life that’ll make you beam, cause only then will you have lived a life with no regrets!
Money is a by-product of our hard work, passion and all the time we invested in something. Money alone should not make you happy, the work out of which you gained money should make you happy!
In short, all I’m saying is pursue you passion.

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart."
- Ben Crenshaw

Now.. That’s what PASSION is about. :)