04 March, 2012


Courage. A word that automatically fills our mind with visuals of soldiers facing grenades and fighting wars. But courage is much more than that. What is courage?
It is a quality that makes a person face situations without fear of danger. It is all about being brave. It is a quality which every individual exhibits at many instances in life. It is not only during life-death situations that this beautiful quality is displayed.
Expressing differences in opinion takes courage. It takes courage to talk to a gathering of people. The same quality is required to defend a helpless person and to plunge into unknown horizons. Courage is required to make history and to break senseless traditions. Making a living by pursuing your passion, crossing boundaries you've set up for yourself and even, addressing your inadequacies and insecurities takes immense courage. In fact, it took courage to bring you into this world! A mother's courage to push you out inspite of her pain. With every step one takes forward in life, it's courage that pushes them ahead. The courage to walk. The courage to talk. It's courage that made you take that first step in every aspect of life.
With courage comes confidence and self-belief. With it, also comes leadership and success. In fact, with courage comes the hope of a new world and unfortunately, even destruction. It takes courage to live life after the death of a loved one and surprisingly, the same courage to die.
It was Mahatma Gandhi's courage that freed us from the clutches of colonialism. And.. it took Adolf Hitler the same courage to destroy a whole country! It was courage that enforced peace in a violent nation and violence in a peaceful country.
Courage is like a coin. It has two sides to it. There are innumerable ways to use it. Courage is what it takes to do the right things and to do wrong. Hitler and Gandhi displayed immense courage. The world is in awe of the footsteps one man left and despise the same quality that his counterpart displayed.
Courage, when used responsibly, is a tool with the potential to bring heaven into hell. It is the spark, which ignites the engine of change, thereby breaking boundaries, crashing set limits and rewarding one with strength, experiences and moulding each person into someone better.
After all, courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

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  1. I found your blog somewhere, nice title.
    This article is so beautiful!
    Keep writing.

    -Sonia Krishak