12 March, 2012

Dear God.

P.S: It's filled with various questions that struck me through the day.

Dear God,
I have a lot of questions on my mind. I've been having a bad day and I need to know some basic facts of life. Why do you put me in such a situation that I feel I can't solve? Don't you love your child enough to keep her in your safe hands? Do you want me to electrocute myself on cross-wires and come back to you?
God, why is it that in today's world people can't speak what's on their mind? What is the necessity to pretend to be someone nice, naive and understanding, when in reality you are not? Doesn't that make one a hypocrite?
Does luck exist? Does karma really exist? Will every harm I do to people and vice-versa really retrace its path back to the bad doer?
Why is life so complicated? Or is it us, mere mortals who complicate it? Was life meant to be simple?
When I read your holy book, I felt peace. Isn't peace the main goal of life, my dear God? What are the goals of life? And why is it so difficult to be happy? Can you tell me the path to happiness?
Somebody told me that if I surrender myself to you, I will be able to feel utmost peace and happiness. They also said that you will take care of me. Will you teach me how to do that?
Why is there such a huge barrier before achieving anything in life? Why can't people learn to respect each other? Why is there such a wide gap between the rich and the poor? Aren't all your children equal in your eyes?
What are relationships, God? Why do we have them? Why are they the best and the worst things in one's life? How do you choose the right people to invest your time on? How do you define trust? How do you know if they're worth it? Can I please have a trust-o-gauge? Why do people not lend a listening ear, a warm heart and healing words to people who are low and disturbed? But why do they flock to share a person's happiness? Aaaaah, the ironies of life that I shall never understand.
God, what is ambition? Is it right? Isn't that why Julius Ceaser was killed, but Alexander flourished? What was wrong with Hitler? He had the best brains. But why didn't you mould him right to use his knowledge, skills and courage responsibly? Is it his fault or yours?
My dear Lord, I have a lot more questions buzzing around my head. But till my random thoughts and questions take shape, this is all I have to ask. I hope you answer, after taking into consideration my maturity level. I love you with all my heart and I hope you always guide me and give me the strength to do the right things in life.
Help me to remember Lord, that nothing is going to happen that you and I can't handle together.

Your blessed child,
AaeKay :)