10 March, 2012

My Mom. :)

She is my first God and my first love too,
The first voice I recognized,
The first face I kissed,
The one who taught me to walk, talk and love,
The one who showed me the world outside,
The person who gets worried when I reach home late,
An epitome of love and sacrifice, she is indeed;
Loves me the way pigs love muck!
She pampers me like a kid, when I'm no longer one!
I torture her in all ways possible and taunt her dreams,
At times, her attitude makes me wonder..
Am I a good daughter?
MOM, one thing is for sure,
You've taught me to be proud of who I am, to look at people's good qualities and to spread good cheer. :)

Just a side-note..
Who's that special person you fight with and yell at all the time? No matter how much you scream, fight, kiss, love, hate or at times, even wish that she would die, she will always love you, take care of you and be with you till her last breath! She's special and we are who we are, all thanks to her! She's a mother! I love you, mom!! :)

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