11 March, 2012

A Smile!

It's a tiny curve,
That sets things straight,
The best way to end a fight?
A smile is all that's needed.

Live your life the way you want to,
Love your life the way it is,
When things go wrong,
All you need to do is smile.

A smile..
Motivates, encourages, spreads optimism,
Is like a burning candle,
A source of hope,
And a path illuminator.

Hide your troubles,
Isn't what I'm saying,
Smile through it,
For it will give you the strength,
To face your troubles,
And to be strong in the midst of it all.

Whatever goes wrong,
Whatever goes right,
Don't forget,
It takes 48 muscles to frown,
And only 17 to smile!

That's good exercise for the muscles, you might think,
Hardwork never killed anybody,
But why take a chance? :P
Life is simple,
Live it large,
Smile through every moment,
For only then will you gain,
Without the pain!


  1. Yay! I am the first ever person to comment on this! :P
    Do I have to mention, this made me smile a heartfelt smile?
    Aptly chosen lines. Loved it!

    Keep smiling! :)

    1. Haha yes you are! I'm glad you loved it!! :)

      Thanks for the comment!!