30 April, 2012

Emotions Indeed! :)

It was a bright, sunny day when I decided to go for my evening walk. I intended to clear my mind from all those blurry and hazy thoughts that filled it. I was smiling at everyone I knew like one of those bright yellow smileys, while deep inside I felt empty. My tear ducts were filled to the brim. I chanced upon a park enroute and decided to relax on a bench, while feeling the breeze hit against my skin. It was here that I learnt a very important lesson of my life.
Many kids, accompanied by an elder were playing at the park. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a blast. The elders kept exchanging formalities and tried making conversation. The kids were chattering loudly among themselves. This is where it struck me! Kids were being themselves, no inhibitions, no crowd consciousness, no control over their emotions and no false display of emotions. They squealed in delight and stamped their foot in anger. They cried when they were hurt and screamed their demands out for the world to hear. There were real emotions being exhibited by every child. They did not care what judgement would be passed by those watching them. They stared in awe at flowers and took in nature at every instance possible. They were BEING THEMSELVES. :)
The adults, on the other hand were being 'mature' and 'well-behaved'. They did not express how happy the blooming flowers made them nor show the excitement they felt when they watched their kids play. They didn't let themselves go. Adults, over the passage of time had learnt to bury their emotions in a cocoon. When children (monarch) emerged out of the chrysalis as adults, they often shed many important qualities, like their display of emotions and the feeling of being alive. As adults, we act more than we truly be. We smile for the sake of others pretending our lives are fairy tale perfect and we do many tasks not for passion, but for money. We don't pursue hobbies for the fear of being called 'immature'. By hobbies, I mean one's like playing in the sun, coloring, etc and not sitting on a reclined chair and reading alone! We don't let ourselves go or our true colors show. We shield ourselves behind many self-built walls for the fear of being exposed to the world. Over time, we lose our identity and end up being one among the crowd.
It's emotions that make us human, else we would all be well-performing robots. It's emotions that distinguish us from every other creature that God created. Then why is it that we do not make the fullest use of this beautiful gift? We stare in awe when we see a baby gurgle with laughter. We have a glint of pride in our eyes and a filled heart when a kid learns to walk. We kiss and hug when a child scores well in exams. But do we express how we feel to ourselves and to people around us?
We fool ourselves into thinking we are fine with our glinting smiles, when we intend to cheat those around us. We never cry out of the stress burdened on us, instead we complain. We do not grieve openly on the loss of our loved ones, but accept condolences meekly. What kind of a life are we living if we cannot express how we feel? When we are unable to understand our inner feelings, we should seek to know how we feel and not put a show of emotions.
Emotions is a complex psychological experience of an individual's state of mind and is unique to every individual. They are a mirror to a person's heart. They let the world know how one feels. Emotions allow one to be themselves without any inhibitions. The depth of a person can be measured by his display of emotions.
The next time you find yourself reaching for your handkerchief to wipe that tear that is yet to drop out of eyes, check yourself and let those tears flow! When something funny happens, don't end that moment with a smile or smirk. Laugh your heart out loud! When your sad and life's incidents have bogged you down, go do any activity that makes forget your boundaries. Let go! The beauty of life is the ability to be who you want to be in the worst and best of circumstances. Never lose that and preserve it with the array of emotions that life has presented on a platter! :)

Love, hugs and lots of good emotions! :)


  1. pretty intense writing :). Yes I look at my daughter and decide to keep my life simple :).

    1. Thank you Shachi! :)
      We need to learn more about life from kids, not the other way around! :)