08 May, 2012

Choice. Resposibility. Freedom! :)

There's one thing that everybody craves to have. It is so essential that even the constitution has laws to practice it. It's nothing other than FREEDOM. :)
When I was four, freedom meant being allowed to choose the clothes that I wore. At six, it meant being allowed to play with my friends after school. At eight, freedom was choosing my own hobbies. At ten, it was being allowed to stay out after five. At thirteen, being allowed to choose my friends was freedom. At seventeen, being allowed to choose my stream of study gave me a sense of freedom. And at nineteen? Making my career decision, being entirely responsible for my academics, being eligible to vote and not accountable to anyone for the decisions I take spells freedom.
I had a Mathematics exam today. It's a subject that I despite and it often creates havoc in my life. It causes a strain in the relationship between my parents and me and ruins my peace of mind! And today was no different. But when I was travelling back home after the exam with a friend, it suddenly struck me! Freedom depends on the choices we make. And freedom always comes with responsibility.
All of us are free to make our choices in life. Starting from the clothes we buy to the person we marry and the profession we practice, they are all products of our choices. A choice is one where we have the option to choose what we want. Sadly nowadays, we make choices not based on what we wish to have, but on the easier path out. Coming to my life, I chose Aeronautical Engineering because of the passion I had in aircraft's and my love for Physics. I followed my heart and ended up in a university, which offered me Mathematics as an additional subject! Instead of focusing on the positive and congratulating myself on getting the course I wanted, I started to whine about how much I hate Mathematics. I, till date, have never tried to tackle the subject or find my way through it. Instead, I chose to complain, fret and take the easy path out by blaming it on my genes! I kept feeling bad that I didn't have the freedom to choose what subjects I wanted to study. Till today evening, I never realized the enormous responsibility that came with my freedom to choose.
The freedom that I have at the age of nineteen also comes with the responsibility of gaining knowledge and scoring marks in my subjects, choosing the right people to invest time on, learning to save money and being accountable to my conscience. At six, it came with the responsibility of taking care of myself. At eight, I had the responsibility to practice the hobbies I took up. At ten, I was in charge of my safety. At thirteen, I was entrusted of being capable to love the right people. At seventeen, I was responsible for what I decided to do with my life and at nineteen? I'm responsible to live my dreams.
For freedom is a word that is synonymous with responsibility. I often think of quitting my course when it gets hard and too much to bear. Never till today did I realize that it was a choice I made and that I should stick with at all costs. For I didn't decide to quit cause I didn't love it, but because the going got hard. Remember, the more tough you are on life now, the infinitely easier life will be on you later. I made a choice to be a pilot and was adamant that I would complete my degree before my training. Everyone's advice of asking me to pursue Creative Arts or Journalism fell on deaf ears. I wanted to follow my dreams and work upon what I wasn't good at, than taking up something I seemed capable of. I made a choice and a life changing choice indeed. Isn't it my responsibility to excel in my field of study, rather than calling it quits?
Life offers everybody with two types of choice. The choice which suits your inner calling and the choice that suits your weakness. Choices that cause pain or pleasure. It is upto us to accept the painful choice that will mould us as a person. It will help us in the longer run. The pleasurable choices will make us feel like champions, for they makes us fall short of what we truly can achieve. They blind us with short-term gains and happiness, but regrets and sorrow in the longer run.
Freedom is in the hands of every individual in the form of choices he makes. Every choice will give him freedom, each of a different sort. Each freedom will also bestow a responsibility that he needs to handle. Handle your responsibilities wisely and watch yourself emerge out of the chrysalis as a butterfly. Just like how the cocoon grinds the monarch and moulds it into a butterfly strong enough to face the world, life will also throw obstacles and opportunities at us. It is upto us to accept these gracefully and responsibly and prove our potential to ourselves. For along with responsibility also comes what every person craves for, freedom. :)
Recognize your responsibilities, utilize your freedom to the maximum, make choices based on righteousness, passion and needs and life will seem a lot more fair. :)
Be a Butterfly, don't die as a Caterpillar. Let life grind you, smash you in the face and eat you up with trouble, but always focus on your goal and emerge as a beautiful butterfly that has conquered all odds and gained the freedom it deserves. :) 


  1. I'll tell u a line which Alfred said to Bruce aka Batman." Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up." Never take what happened as a chance gone by, but take it as a chance gained to better yourself and overcome this setback. And I'm sure that you will do it. And your welcome:)
    Love you:)

    1. Such an AWESOME comment! :)
      Thank you. Hugs!

  2. Very good article AaeKay. :)
    Keep writing. Love the butterfly part. :)