25 May, 2012

{this moment} Meeting up with an old friend. :)

"A Friday ritual. A single photo - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember" - SouleMama

I got a chance to meet up with my best friend of eight years. She was the one who helped me settle down when I relocated to Chennai. She taught me more than anyone can imagine. She stood by me when I was wrong and let me learn a lesson. She let me wet her shoulders with my tears and flashed smiles at my success. :)
The infinite sessions where I tried to grasp your unbelievable Math skills and chomping on chaat, ice-cream and chocolate eternally that if we could recover the money, we'd be billionaires! Pizza baking sessions, praying for good causes, baygon-killing-lizard sessions (:P) and the uncountable memories we created together. :)
Nicknames? Even they weren't limited in number. Calling you Samiyar (meaning saint), Sonu, Shali, Vaish, Vaishu, Kitty, Cat-scratchier, Cat-woman and so many more! And of course, you've stuck to one nickname you made up for me, which I'm not going to reveal here ;) :D

All these years I've loved you so much and I promise to do so. I promise to be there whenever you need me, hang out with you, make you my bridesmaid at my wedding (:D) and to never let you go from my life. :)

I love you and thank you for being such an awesome sister cum best friend cum twin!! :) :*


Sorry for the blurred picture. Now you get what I meant when I said 'Chomping on ice-cream'!!! :D



  1. Beautiful post! The bestest of luck and good wishes to your friendship.. must have been awesome seeing someone so special after such a long time :)
    Baygon killing lizard sessions? :P That's something unique! ;)

    1. It really was special :)

      She has a thing that attracts lizards! Then, she hunts them down with a bottle of Baygon in her hand!!! :D