26 May, 2012

Working on my book: Chapter 1 Released! :)

I'm absolutely enjoying working on my book. I've been putting in so much of time and energy into it. I hope to release it by November 2013. Hope you guys like it. :)

Well.. Just to make you all curious and to make the book live upto my capability and your expectations, I've decided to leak post the first chapter. :) Please leave your honest feelings in the comment box. I'd love to read constructive criticism. :) Let me know what you feel I can work on more, how I can make it better, what you feel is lacking and so on.


I hear Rishi cry. The milk boils to the brim and is about to pour over. I hear my husband call out my name. Chaos. This is how everyday begins. No matter how early I wake up to find peace, it is unobtainable. It doesn’t exist in my life anymore. I break out of my thoughts and turn off the stove. I run to my two-year old daughter’s room and cuddle her up till she stops crying. She flashes a smile. “My Rishi”, I said gently. She gurgled and cooed in my arms. This precious bundle in my hands was the reason I never tried to change the course of my life.
 I put Rishi and her favorite stuffed toy, Filo into the playpen and give her a bottle of milk. Knowing that she will be safe, I rush to attend to the person who blessed me with Rishi. My husband. Rishab Singh.
I wake him up with a cup of tea and a morning kiss. It has become a ritual. The burning passion is no longer there. Everything has become a part of our mundane existence. After he dresses up, I help him knot his tie and walk out. Tears burn my eyes to think of what our relationship has become. I blink them away and set about my daily chores.
I set the table for breakfast and switch on the news. Murder. Robbery. Petrol hikes. Nothing budged from the monotony of everyday life. My husband carries my daughter in for breakfast. I feed her paratha’s with great fervor. She spits half of it onto the floor and I subconsciously smile at the thought of my childhood.
Rishab gives my daughter a peck on her cheek, hugs me and walks out the door for work. The clock’s cuckoo reminded me that it was time to get to work. I clean up, dress up Rishi and myself, double check the locks and proceed to drop my little lady off at daycare. She resents going there.
I place her in the baby seat, buckle up the belt and drive as fast as I can, which is about 20kms/hr! Mumbai. A fast paced city with no time for life. A traffic monster with a belly so huge that it can take as many vehicles you feed it with. The car behind lets out a piercing honk. Sigh. I realize that I would be late to work. I switch on some nursery rhymes and watch Rishi move her body to the beats. “Rishi, Mumma loves you okay?” To which the love of my life responds, “I love u Mumma.” Broke my heart. The joy of these little emotions were lost in my struggle through life.
I drop Rishi off at daycare, which was quite a monster task, considering her tantrums. She cries, fusses and finally smiles when she sees her friends playing. Phew. The joys of friendship. I hardly remember talking to my friends recently. Wait, do I have any friends? I shove away the question to some corner of my brain and proceed to deal with the traffic.
After defeating the traffic monster, I reach work and park at my favorite spot. I love it, it’s shady beneath the Gulmohur tree and the bright, orange flowers always brighten up my day.
I work at Apollo Hospitals as a counseling psychiatrist. I help adults with mental diseases and children with special needs. It’s a satisfying job to be able to make a difference in a person’s life. I like listening to people’s problems, showing them a path and allowing them to solve it themselves. I love to see them grow stronger and happier. I love to see them conquer their weaknesses and grow into courageous people. I love my job. Mainly because it is a respite from the routine l vehemently hate.
Rishab always picks up Rishi from daycare and they go home early to connect, play and have fun. When my baby was born, I never missed being home during family time. I always looked forward to it. But now, I don’t even make an effort to watch their tactics. It flares me. Why can’t they grow up!?
Dinner is always the same. A soup, a main course, a sabji and dessert. While the cook makes dinner, Rishab and I watch the idiot box and make no attempt at conversation. We’re way past all that. Communication is about needs now. I enjoy our quiet time. I think. I’m not even sure of what I want anymore. While Rishab sets the table, I bathe my princess and feed her dinner. After they are done eating, my husband carries her to the room, sings old classics and lulls her to sleep. I love his voice. Memories flood me of how he wooed me for marriage with his voice. I had instantly fallen in love with it. But now, his voice was merely a reminder of the past. It was a method to put my daughter to sleep. Where had things changed?
Despite all the changes in my life over the years, a few things always stuck by me. They never changed. For example, my hobbies. I love reading, singing and dancing. They keep my soul alive. I love my daughter. I used to love my husband, but lately I don’t know. We are very disconnected. I love to venture pioneers in unknown waters. I love to be me, but I don’t know who I am anymore. I feel like I’ve lost my identity. I don’t remember my past or look forward to my future. I survive in my present and push through every single day. I’ve lost the meaning I had of love and life. I hope to find it soon through any means.

I am Arja Banter Singh, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a psychiatrist, a dancer, a singer, a philanthropist, a lover of wisdom, a bookworm and much more. 

Now, it's time for you to tell me what you feel!! :)


  1. wow abinaya! Its super awesome!! I love reading books and i loved ur work! I cant wait till 2013 to read it :(
    Awesome work! Keep going!

    1. Thank you Shruthi!! :)
      Your comment meant a lot to me. :)

  2. am no book analyst or watever like that..but i enjoyed this piece..lemme know wen you release your book..will definitely buy it ! following you now ! <3

    1. Thank you Sukanya! :)

      That meant a lot!!!! :)

  3. Hey, thanks for the leak! ;) It seems to be an interesting beginning and I'm guessing it will be about restoring the love and life the protagonist has recently lost, right? I would like to read further for sure! :)

    While this is only the first chapter so I can't say anything much.. I just have a personal belief, or call it choice, that books that are descriptive and have elements/lines in them that stall time, they work out best! At least for me, they do! You MIGHT just want to consider it.. though in the first chapter I guess it's good enough. You could maybe think about it while writing, if you already haven't, that is. :)

    Good luck and hope you enjoy the writing process too :)

    1. Well, the book is about love and life. But not exactly restoration. :)

      I'm pulling each chapter like cheese! There will be about 50 to 60 chapters, each lasting about three pages. I'm trying to get descriptive. :)

      Thanks for the tip. :)

      Thank you Ashna! :)

      Was anxiously waiting for your comment! :)

      Now I need comments from two more people before I move on to the next post :D

  4. Hai Abhinaya.........its fabulous..I loved it...im very eagerly waiting for the release.......will buy it for sure.......All the very Best :)

  5. Hi Abhinaya.......its fabulous.i loved reading it......waiting for the release...buy it for sure ...All the very best ..keep going :)

  6. Hi Abinaya,
    You're going great. I've been working on a book since last fall and I just wish everything turns out perfect for you. Good luck! (:

    1. Thank you Southern Girl!! :)

    2. Good luck with your book too!!! :)
      Let me know when it comes out. Would love to read it :)

  7. Hey A. Loved ur piece of literary art. will luk forward to reading more

  8. You write well....just a couple of questions: Rishi is a boy's name...did u choose it purposefully for a girl? Also, 2-yr olds (most of them) don't take a bottle....just an odd thing. I'm a mom to a toddler (as you know) and have another one on the way....I feel it's very difficult to write about motherhood if you have not experienced it....so I'm very curious to see how your story unfolds :).

    1. Shachi! I was looking forward to your comment :)

      Answering your questions, yes, I purposefully chose Rishi. My bhabhi's name is Rishi and she is the most beautiful person I know :)
      As for the bottle thing, my sister and I have always preferred a bottle. My mom was saying that I was on bottle since I turned one till I was three. :)

      Thanks for your lovely comment :) I'm talking to a couple of people who have experienced motherhood :) I'm having a tough time writing about it, but I hope it goes well! *fingers crossed*

      Hugs to R and you! :)

  9. Hey, good one AK!
    My bhabhi's name is Rishi! Not yours :P
    You borrow her and her name too much! :D
    Family ho toh bhi aise nahi ;)

    Anyway, I loved reading it. I'm sure I'd love to read it further. How's it going? Stick to it and keep pushing the boundaries.

    Love you!

    1. Arey family ho toh isse bura hone ka ;) :D Tu dekhte ja ki tere bhabhi aur uske naam ke saath kya kya karti hoon :P ;)

      It's going good Sim. Kabhi kabhi lack of inspiration hota hai, par zyada se zyada experience accha hi hai. :)

      Hugs! Aur tu kab aa rahi hai idhar?

    2. Mujhe accha feel nahi raha hai :P Main abhi bhabhi ko bulati hoon! :D

      Good luck re :) Likthe raho!

      June 16th ko. Milthe hai :)