29 June, 2012

Glass Paintings :)

These are the two glass paintings I made during my college holidays. Here are the photos just like I promised! :)

The first three photo's are of an abstract painting I made on frosted glass and the last four are of a woman with all her royalty intact!

Hope you like them and I'd love to know what you feel about them :)

Abstract painting

Abstract glass painting

Abstract glass painting

The royal woman

The royal woman

Woman: Face: Close up

All royalty intact: The Begum maybe? ;)

Do you like art? Do you enjoy it as much as I do? What's your favorite type of art? :)

I'll post pictures of the oil painting and watercolor painting as soon as I'm done working on them!

28 June, 2012

Small things in life that I love :)

- Going for a run in the rain, smelling the earth and seeing lightning at a distance.

- The smell of freshly ground coffee beans.

- Friends you know for more than a decade.

- When your mad and accidentally smile.

- Listening to a song that you loved, but forgot about.

- Getting into bed after an exhausting day.

- The wag of a tail of a stray dog.

- Finding cash in a jeans you haven't worn in a long time.

- Watching the rain with pakoras and a cup of coffee.

- Sharing great memories among great friends.

- Reaching a one year anniversary of a bad habit that you quit.

- Hugs from a loved one who you meet after ages.

- The smell of old books while walking down the aisle in a library.

- Finding a framed photo of you in your best friend's house.

- A new day to try something new.

- Waving at a random kid.

- Songs that match your mood.

- Making a wish on a fallen eyelash.

- The silence between great friends.

- Falling asleep while talking to a loved one.

- Watching cartoons when your WAY too old to be watching them.

- The feeling of joy and relief after exams.

- The feeling of excitement and sadness before college reopens.

- Love that includes an 'us', without destroying the 'me'.

- When your working on something you love and time flies.

- Waking up at noon.

- Organizing things perfectly.

- Reading a text over and over cause it's so sweet.

- When you understand something you previously didn't and it opens up a new perspective.

- Painting for hours together and finally realizing that you look like you were playing paintball.

- Knowing that farewell doesn't mean goodbye.

- Finally getting over a bad relationship.

- Drinking something cold on a hot day that you can feel it travel down your throat.

- Finding an old toy from your childhood.

- Spinning around in an office chair.

- Watching the sky turn purple during a sunset.

- When a new friend gets along with your lifelong best friend.

- Unconditional love.

- That urge to spray water when you have a hose in hand.

- The smile of a loved one that lights up your world.

- Getting to be a tourist in your own city and realizing how cool the place you live in is.

- The feeling you get when you finally finish something you've procrastinated.

- The warm, snugly feeling when you pull the covers over you on a cold night.

- Knowing that your family means the world to you, no matter how much they nag you or annoy you.

- Seeing a scar on your body and remembering the story.

- The smell of a lit match and the wet earth.

- Playing Tic Tac Toe on a stranger's dirty car.

- Guessing on a test and later finding out that it's the right answer.

- Watching my sister breathing in her sleep. Reminds me of how awesome life is. Every. Single. Breath.

- When you realize that you get dimples when you smile and smiling to look at them.

- The feeling of freedom when your on a swing.

- The peace that comes with forgiving someone.

- When someone returns what they borrowed without you having to ask.

- When you get a dress that fits you perfectly though you didn't do a trial before buying it.

-  The snooze button.

- Feeling fresh after a shower.

- Cooking something new.

- Splashing around in rain puddles.

- Good hair days.

- Shopping without a list.

- Laughing aloud in a library because of a funny line you just read.

- Saying something that makes someone think.

- Meeting new people who inspire you.

- Instantly connecting to someone you have never met.

- Smiling at a stranger and watching them smile back.

- Sizzling chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream.

- Being alive.

- A freshly sharpened pencil.

- Tickle fights.

- Losing sleep to a good book just cause you can't stop reading it.

- Small, uncrowded shops that have exactly what you need.

- Being loved by your loved ones for being YOU.

- Good night kisses.

- Being healthy after a prolonged illness.

- That AWESOME feeling you get when you blog after what feels like ages.

- When it's sunny and drizzling and you can see the rainbow.

- Having the capacity to smile and appreciate the small things in life. :)

I just couldn't stop writing about small things I love! I've been sick and have been craving to write for quite sometime. But nothing struck me. So I took a baby step and I'm glad I did. It made me smile and gave me warm fuzzies that made me feel so loved! :)

I've finally completed the glass paintings: one of a lady and another abstract. I'm working on a still life oil painting and a flower with watercolor paints now. I'll put up photos of my glass paintings tomorrow! :)

What are those small things that make you smile in the midst of a bad day?

15 June, 2012

Why be fake and pretend to be somebody else, when what the world needs is YOU? :)

A face caked with foundation,
A bright pink lipstick,
Multicolored eyeshadow,
A pink blush,
A face full of makeup,
Doesn't make you fake,
It speaks volumes about yourself.

You could be enhancing your looks,
Just playing around with colors,
Having fun,
Defining your outer beauty,
Or trying to carve a niche for yourself.

There's another possibility,
Which is unacceptable,
You could be trying to mask your identity,
Your individuality,
Your personality,
Under an unassuming mass of chemicals.


All it screams is fake,
For YOU are at stake,
All you would end up with?
A mismatched interior and exterior.

Why compromise on you?
Why shudder to be yourself?
Why pretense?
Why put on an act to be someone else?
When what the world needs is you.

I've just realized,
That we've all been fake,
Quite often,
When we've put on a false smile,
When we've tried to merge with a crowd,
When we've lied about ourselves,
When we try to change,
Not for the better,
But to fit in.

Unending drama,
Being pseudo,
And trying to make the world believe that it's you,
When truly you know deep within,
That you have the freedom to be YOU.

Guilt ridden eyes,
A wrenched heart,
A tied soul,
Are all you will experience,
When you act fake.

Why be fake?
Is something I fail to understand,
Why not accept yourself?
Is again something I fail to understand.

Bask in the glory,
Of being unique,
Who the world cannot replace,
In the infinite years to come.

Don't smile to return a smile,
Grin cause you mean it.
Don't buy gifts,
To show off your wealth,
But because you feel they deserve it.
Don't put on makeup,
To make you look different or to hide your flaws,
But to define your exterior.
Don't promise to help someone,
When you know you cannot,
Save yourself from the guilt,
And the other the trouble of asking you.

Don't be fake,
Don't be unreal,
Don't be a second rate version of someone else,
For all the world needs is YOU.

Be genuine,
Be authentic,
Be real,
Be unique,
Be irreplaceable,
Be the beautiful YOU. :)

P.S: I'm enjoying my holidays after my college finals. I sleep in late, I wake up around 1pm, I read like there's no tomorrow, I work on my book and what keeps me occupied is that I'm working on a big glass painting. I'll post a photo of it once I'm done. :)

09 June, 2012

Heartbeats. :)

The sound that keeps us alive.
The sound that lets us experience life.
The sound that is the very core of our existence.

They are the only constant,
In this sea of change,
For the pace doesn’t change,
The beat doesn’t change,
Only feelings get refined.

The emotions it feels,
Are umpteen,
And every good in this world.

For it is only the mind that perceives the bad,
Whilst the heart closes its eyes to the wrong,
Even the wrong discerned by the mind,
Can be forgiven in a heartbeat.

The journey of ambition,
Ends at the destination,
The journey of money,
Ends at being rich,
But the journey of life,
Can only be ended by a heartbeat.

For the potential of a heartbeat,
Is infinite,
The emotions it comprehends,
The beauty it apprehends,
Whilst being placed in a small corner of a body.

The beauty of love,
It identifies,
It feels,
It keeps us alive,
Not only the heartbeat,
But the emotions it perceives as well.

The heartbeat,
Of a newly born child,
Perceived by a mother,
Makes her skip a heartbeat.

The announcement of results,
Of an important exam,
Makes a student,
Skip a heartbeat.

The death of a loved one,
The feelings of grief, agony and pain,
Skips a heartbeat.

The feeling of hope,
The feeling of knowing you’d get through,
Skips a heartbeat.

When something that lasts a second,
Yet so precious,
Cannot be brought back,
But can give so much to a life,
How much would we have to give back?

The heartbeat that inspires,
The heartbeat that melts at a beautiful sight,
The heartbeat that feels love,
The heartbeat that raises hope,
The heartbeat that inculcates faith,
Is the heartbeat,
Of a life well lived.

For we never know,
When this heartbeat would cease,
When it would all come to an end,
When it would no longer be heard,
And neither would we be able to bring it back.

For something that has no definite expiry date,
For something that is temporary,
For something that is static,
Yet changing,
For something that can change the world,
For something that bestows life upon us,
For something that defines love,
For something that unifies the world,
For something that can never be brought back,
For something that knows its purpose,
And follows it religiously,
How much would we have to give back?

For a heartbeat,
Is not merely a sign of being alive,
It’s a sign of potential,
A sign to accomplish our purpose of being here,
It’s a sign to spread love,
To freeze your principles and ideals,
To change what you can,
It is a sign to embrace,
To accept,
To stick to your life’s goals till the very end,
And yes, it is a sign of destiny.

To something,
As small,
As determined,
As focused,
As integrated,
As infinitesimal;
To something that beats as I write,
To something that beats,
No matter who I am,
Or what I do,
To something,
That is life itself,
What can I do to make my life worthy of its act?
For there lies the essence and purpose of a heartbeat.

08 June, 2012

Be Unique. Acceptance Will Follow. :)

A petite young girl,
Wearing thick-rimmed glasses,
Faded jeans and a t-shirt,
Entered the school gate,
Ignorant about all that awaited her.

When she saw the place,
Teeming with people,
Pride filled her heart,
To belong where she had always wanted to be.

Little did she know,
What she would be subjected to,
For that is the beauty of life,
The future that slowly unfolds.

Days passed by,
Busy she was,
Engrossed in her work,
Awed by her surroundings,
When it suddenly struck her,
That she knew no one.

Out of her way she went,
To make friends,
But none willing to befriend her,
For she was the frail girl with no luxuries to offer to her friends.

For she came from a poor family,
Where survival was a fight for them,
But yet she managed,
To get herself educated in the best of schools.

Her unkempt hair,
Her bleached clothes,
Her outdated fashion sense,
Her thrifty lifestyle,
Were all turn-offs to people around her.

But what they failed to notice was,
Her determination to educate herself,
Her willingness to participate in everything,
Her tender heart,
Her acts of kindness,
And the beauty that lay inside her.

Unaccepted by all,
Unable to bear the pain,
She slowly succumbed,
To accepting that she was no good to this world.

It was at such a time I met her,
Her plain looks,
Uncoated by makeup,
Eyes that glistened with curiosity,
A heart that craved to be heard,
Was what attracted me to her,
For she looked different,
Among the teenage girls,
Who all seemed rich and arrogant.

A timid smile she flashed,
When she caught me staring at her,
I walked over to her,
Something that I am happy I did,
For I did something worthwhile that day.

As a counselor I went,
Intending to show them a path to solve their problems,
But so much I learnt,
That back I returned,
As a person with enhanced wisdom.

For she had chosen to bare it all,
Her problems,
Her dreams,
Goals and achievements,
And her feeling of unworthiness.

Shocked I was,
A girl who had achieved so much,
Who had so many miles to cross,
Would think of ending it all,
For she was a gift in herself.

When I asked why she chose to quit,
There was just one word she uttered,

Her life lacked acceptance,
She was seen as a foreign virus,
In a body of RBC’s and WBC’s,
Who were fighting against her,
And quit she felt she would have to,
For the school to regain its old charm.

Smiled I did,
At the childish thoughts of this adolescent,
Brave yet petrified,
Extroverted yet demure,
An achiever yet a dud,
For she had failed to learn the beauty of disapproval.

For it was her uniqueness,
Her personality to stand out from the crowd,
Her not following the herd mentality,
Her determination to succeed,
That made her made her disapproved by a bunch of well-to-do kids.

For she was different,
Not only in appearance,
But in mind,
In heart,
And in soul.

She craved acceptance,
For she wanted to belong,
I knew one would come along,
Who would see her infinite potential,
And her charming attitude,
For she had faked a smile,
And yet been nice,
To all those who detested her,
And had made life hell for her.

All I knew was that,
One day,
Things would fall into place,
One day,
The pieces would fit,
One day,
Someone will look beyond those glasses,
And see those hazel eyes,
That expressed love, perseverance, a craving to belong and all that she wanted.

It was when she smiled,
And said that she’s been accepted,
Cared for and invested time on,
That I realized lessons in life can come from anywhere.

She have me a hug,
Gave me her favorite bracelet she was wearing,
Smiled and said,
My path to be accepted has begun,
People like you exist,
Who know what it means to be unique.

Thoroughly surprised,
Thoroughly astonished,
I smiled,
For I had been that little girl once,
A person who had stood out in the crowd,
Who was too different to be accepted,
Who felt life was nothing beyond acceptance,
And had done so much to fit in with the crowd.

Though I had grown to realize everyone fits with a group,
I had never realized what it meant to be unique,
To be an original creation,
Who was molded in the hands of the Lord,
Whose identity needed to be celebrated everyday.

It was on that day I learned,
It is not acceptance that matters,
It is not being a part of the stampede that matters,
It is being YOU,
And not changing it for the world,
Or allowing the tide of time to wash away your identity,
That mattered.

Though the tide might wash you away in bits and pieces,
It is only a part of one evolving,
Becoming a better person,
It is only bad habits getting washed away,
And changes surfacing,
For the ruins will always stand to tell a tale.

This is a tale of love,
For all that we need in life,
Is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. :)

Be unique and be with people who appreciate your uniqueness.
Reach out to people as much as you can, cause you never know how much of a difference you will make in their lives.
Life is full of learning's, Grasp it and Live it while you can. :)

07 June, 2012

Treasure Yourself More Than Your Relationships. :)

How many times have you searched for treasures in life? How many times have you treasured that car or gift that you bought or received? How many treasured moments have you made in life? How many times have you bashed yourself up just cause you hurt your treasured friend? How many times have you let yourself down just because things weren't the way you wanted them to be? Was it all worth it?
A lot of times we let ourselves down and our self-esteem drop low just to convince ourselves that the other person is worth our love. This might essentially not be the case. The recipient of your love might not be perfect or even upto the character or value mark, that a person should set for oneself. Yet, we are willing to give up on our character and take all the blame upon us.
Relationships often aren't what they seem to be. They aren't the path of roses that we expect it to be. They aren't the treasure that we hope to find in life. They aren't the sweetest mangoes one will devour. But they are what keeps life alive. While it is true that one should give their hundred percent in a relationship, it definitely shouldn't be at the cost of your happiness.
Relationships should make one feel happy and help live a fulfilling life. They shouldn't come at the expense of your peace, dreams or goals. Inspite of whatever you read or see, relationships will not complete you. It is only you who will complete yourself. They will compliment you though and trust me, though there are certain people who will stick with you despite all odds, not every relationship will. Blood is thicker than water. Invest in relationships that are worth it.
I know a person who lives in a relationship that slowly kills her everyday. I can see her slowly lose her individuality and see stress lines replace her dimpled face. I can see her put up through all odds just cause she's thinks it'll be worth it in the end. Happiness is in the journey, not the destination. I can see her being abused in the relationship. I feel pity, I wish I could make her see it. But she has chosen to close her eyes to all these signs and live her life. Subtle emotional abuse. She puts herself down in her eyes saying she isn't upto his wishes (read demands). Is it worth it?
I have fulfilling relationships in my life. When I feel bogged down in a relationship and I have valid reasons to feel so, I walk out of it. I'm often seen as fickle-minded and stone hearted for that. If a relationship doesn't make my life better or help me evolve as a better person, why keep it?
Breaking up. It's something that's as common as finding oil in the Gulf. But why? What goes wrong? Lack of communication, trust and a willingness to understand? Why aren't two people who were willing to do anything to woo each other and fall in love not willing to do anything to keep the relationship? Is it due to eye candy attraction or fear of commitment? Is it due to what the media portrays? What is missing?
Why are more people unwilling to break out of abusive relationships, but willing to break up for silly reasons? Relationships are worth it only and only if, there is mutual trust, love, understanding, compassion and a desire to evolve into a better person. The key word is UNCONDITIONAL. I know of relationships where one of them invests everything and the other is happy being the receiver. Such relationships don't thrive. It's a two-way road. A give and take policy. A bank account with deposits and withdrawals.
Coming back to treasure. I treasure my relationship with my parents, my sister, my friends and family. They are the chosen ones. The ones who would never hurt me deliberately and would do anything to see me become a better person. They are relationships where criticism is valued as much as appreciation. They are the ones where the bland truth is told and not sugar coated with lies. They are the ones which understand my fall-backs and value my strengths. They try to help me break out of bad habits and help me TREASURE my goodness. They bring out my goofy and playful side, make me feel blessed and happy and TREASURE life more. THEY MAKE ME REALIZE I AM THE REAL TREASURE.

That's exactly what relationships are all about. As much as you might treasure them and love them with all your heart, as much you would be truthful to them and give them all you can, it only makes sense if you TREASURE yourself, your dignity, your individuality and your freedom as much as you TREASURE the relationship. It only makes sense if the other person TREASURES his identity and himself, as much he values the relationship with you. So first treat yourself right, value yourself well and keep your self-esteem high. Don't let anyone mar that about you. You are the biggest and most valuable of all TREASURES. :)

Your relationship with others is worth it only if your relationship with yourself is intact. After all, it's relationships that make life worthwhile! Don't lose out on the happiness they are capable of bringing. :)

01 June, 2012

Moving on after you..

Empty words.
False promises.
Open lies.
Ruthless attitude.
Desire to be noticed.
Being you.

Unnoticed sacrifices.
A longing soul.
Pretense unlimited.
Craving happiness.
Unfulfilled desires.
Being me.
Two such people,
Did share,
An envious bond,
A relationship that was the talk of the town.

Till one day it shattered like glass,
For that's what this heart is,
Splintered it was by the force of life,
By negligence that uprooted it,
Just like the cyclone in Dhanushkodi.

With the flow of the tides,
The rise of tenor and fall of doldrums,
Life moved on,
New relationships sprouted,
The old sour liaisons alleviated,
Just like superglue put on glass,
The cracks were unnoticeable,
But very much perceivable,
All that remained to tell the tale..
Was a broken heart longing for love.