08 June, 2012

Be Unique. Acceptance Will Follow. :)

A petite young girl,
Wearing thick-rimmed glasses,
Faded jeans and a t-shirt,
Entered the school gate,
Ignorant about all that awaited her.

When she saw the place,
Teeming with people,
Pride filled her heart,
To belong where she had always wanted to be.

Little did she know,
What she would be subjected to,
For that is the beauty of life,
The future that slowly unfolds.

Days passed by,
Busy she was,
Engrossed in her work,
Awed by her surroundings,
When it suddenly struck her,
That she knew no one.

Out of her way she went,
To make friends,
But none willing to befriend her,
For she was the frail girl with no luxuries to offer to her friends.

For she came from a poor family,
Where survival was a fight for them,
But yet she managed,
To get herself educated in the best of schools.

Her unkempt hair,
Her bleached clothes,
Her outdated fashion sense,
Her thrifty lifestyle,
Were all turn-offs to people around her.

But what they failed to notice was,
Her determination to educate herself,
Her willingness to participate in everything,
Her tender heart,
Her acts of kindness,
And the beauty that lay inside her.

Unaccepted by all,
Unable to bear the pain,
She slowly succumbed,
To accepting that she was no good to this world.

It was at such a time I met her,
Her plain looks,
Uncoated by makeup,
Eyes that glistened with curiosity,
A heart that craved to be heard,
Was what attracted me to her,
For she looked different,
Among the teenage girls,
Who all seemed rich and arrogant.

A timid smile she flashed,
When she caught me staring at her,
I walked over to her,
Something that I am happy I did,
For I did something worthwhile that day.

As a counselor I went,
Intending to show them a path to solve their problems,
But so much I learnt,
That back I returned,
As a person with enhanced wisdom.

For she had chosen to bare it all,
Her problems,
Her dreams,
Goals and achievements,
And her feeling of unworthiness.

Shocked I was,
A girl who had achieved so much,
Who had so many miles to cross,
Would think of ending it all,
For she was a gift in herself.

When I asked why she chose to quit,
There was just one word she uttered,

Her life lacked acceptance,
She was seen as a foreign virus,
In a body of RBC’s and WBC’s,
Who were fighting against her,
And quit she felt she would have to,
For the school to regain its old charm.

Smiled I did,
At the childish thoughts of this adolescent,
Brave yet petrified,
Extroverted yet demure,
An achiever yet a dud,
For she had failed to learn the beauty of disapproval.

For it was her uniqueness,
Her personality to stand out from the crowd,
Her not following the herd mentality,
Her determination to succeed,
That made her made her disapproved by a bunch of well-to-do kids.

For she was different,
Not only in appearance,
But in mind,
In heart,
And in soul.

She craved acceptance,
For she wanted to belong,
I knew one would come along,
Who would see her infinite potential,
And her charming attitude,
For she had faked a smile,
And yet been nice,
To all those who detested her,
And had made life hell for her.

All I knew was that,
One day,
Things would fall into place,
One day,
The pieces would fit,
One day,
Someone will look beyond those glasses,
And see those hazel eyes,
That expressed love, perseverance, a craving to belong and all that she wanted.

It was when she smiled,
And said that she’s been accepted,
Cared for and invested time on,
That I realized lessons in life can come from anywhere.

She have me a hug,
Gave me her favorite bracelet she was wearing,
Smiled and said,
My path to be accepted has begun,
People like you exist,
Who know what it means to be unique.

Thoroughly surprised,
Thoroughly astonished,
I smiled,
For I had been that little girl once,
A person who had stood out in the crowd,
Who was too different to be accepted,
Who felt life was nothing beyond acceptance,
And had done so much to fit in with the crowd.

Though I had grown to realize everyone fits with a group,
I had never realized what it meant to be unique,
To be an original creation,
Who was molded in the hands of the Lord,
Whose identity needed to be celebrated everyday.

It was on that day I learned,
It is not acceptance that matters,
It is not being a part of the stampede that matters,
It is being YOU,
And not changing it for the world,
Or allowing the tide of time to wash away your identity,
That mattered.

Though the tide might wash you away in bits and pieces,
It is only a part of one evolving,
Becoming a better person,
It is only bad habits getting washed away,
And changes surfacing,
For the ruins will always stand to tell a tale.

This is a tale of love,
For all that we need in life,
Is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. :)

Be unique and be with people who appreciate your uniqueness.
Reach out to people as much as you can, cause you never know how much of a difference you will make in their lives.
Life is full of learning's, Grasp it and Live it while you can. :)


  1. Wonderful...I am always amazed at the depth of your writing considering your age.

    1. Thank you so much Shachi! :)
      It's always wonderful to get a compliment from you :)

  2. Awesome would be an understatement!! :D I LOVED the way you talked about something so deep and important, a poetic verse, yet a story. The use of words! Brilliant! :D

    1. Thank you Ashna!! :)
      It is so very important to be accepted and loved, but only as long as you don't lose out your individuality in the process. :)