09 June, 2012

Heartbeats. :)

The sound that keeps us alive.
The sound that lets us experience life.
The sound that is the very core of our existence.

They are the only constant,
In this sea of change,
For the pace doesn’t change,
The beat doesn’t change,
Only feelings get refined.

The emotions it feels,
Are umpteen,
And every good in this world.

For it is only the mind that perceives the bad,
Whilst the heart closes its eyes to the wrong,
Even the wrong discerned by the mind,
Can be forgiven in a heartbeat.

The journey of ambition,
Ends at the destination,
The journey of money,
Ends at being rich,
But the journey of life,
Can only be ended by a heartbeat.

For the potential of a heartbeat,
Is infinite,
The emotions it comprehends,
The beauty it apprehends,
Whilst being placed in a small corner of a body.

The beauty of love,
It identifies,
It feels,
It keeps us alive,
Not only the heartbeat,
But the emotions it perceives as well.

The heartbeat,
Of a newly born child,
Perceived by a mother,
Makes her skip a heartbeat.

The announcement of results,
Of an important exam,
Makes a student,
Skip a heartbeat.

The death of a loved one,
The feelings of grief, agony and pain,
Skips a heartbeat.

The feeling of hope,
The feeling of knowing you’d get through,
Skips a heartbeat.

When something that lasts a second,
Yet so precious,
Cannot be brought back,
But can give so much to a life,
How much would we have to give back?

The heartbeat that inspires,
The heartbeat that melts at a beautiful sight,
The heartbeat that feels love,
The heartbeat that raises hope,
The heartbeat that inculcates faith,
Is the heartbeat,
Of a life well lived.

For we never know,
When this heartbeat would cease,
When it would all come to an end,
When it would no longer be heard,
And neither would we be able to bring it back.

For something that has no definite expiry date,
For something that is temporary,
For something that is static,
Yet changing,
For something that can change the world,
For something that bestows life upon us,
For something that defines love,
For something that unifies the world,
For something that can never be brought back,
For something that knows its purpose,
And follows it religiously,
How much would we have to give back?

For a heartbeat,
Is not merely a sign of being alive,
It’s a sign of potential,
A sign to accomplish our purpose of being here,
It’s a sign to spread love,
To freeze your principles and ideals,
To change what you can,
It is a sign to embrace,
To accept,
To stick to your life’s goals till the very end,
And yes, it is a sign of destiny.

To something,
As small,
As determined,
As focused,
As integrated,
As infinitesimal;
To something that beats as I write,
To something that beats,
No matter who I am,
Or what I do,
To something,
That is life itself,
What can I do to make my life worthy of its act?
For there lies the essence and purpose of a heartbeat.


  1. And my heart beats in happiness as i write this. Beautiful words, have that power:)
    Nice one!
    I liked the entire stanza before the last.
    and also this line "The beat doesn’t change,
    Only feelings get refined."

  2. Wow! What a creation! I'm amazed! :D Why can't I ever do something like this? :|

    For your creativity, I've got an award waiting for you over at my blog! :)

    1. Thank you Ashna! :)
      Ofc you can do better than this! Just keep trying! :D
      Thanks so much for the award!! :)

  3. From the start till the end, this post consists of different feelings and thoughts which makes it a treat to read and realize many things. Loved it! :)