01 June, 2012

Moving on after you..

Empty words.
False promises.
Open lies.
Ruthless attitude.
Desire to be noticed.
Being you.

Unnoticed sacrifices.
A longing soul.
Pretense unlimited.
Craving happiness.
Unfulfilled desires.
Being me.
Two such people,
Did share,
An envious bond,
A relationship that was the talk of the town.

Till one day it shattered like glass,
For that's what this heart is,
Splintered it was by the force of life,
By negligence that uprooted it,
Just like the cyclone in Dhanushkodi.

With the flow of the tides,
The rise of tenor and fall of doldrums,
Life moved on,
New relationships sprouted,
The old sour liaisons alleviated,
Just like superglue put on glass,
The cracks were unnoticeable,
But very much perceivable,
All that remained to tell the tale..
Was a broken heart longing for love.



  1. Came here via Shachi's blog where we both comment. Nice blog you have ; and its a nice poem, even though pathos shouldn't feature in somebody so young as you !!!

    Saw the reference to Dhanushkodi in your comment on Shachi's blog and here in this poem as well - so here's an "offbeat post" on the place

    1. Thank you Ramesh. Kind of you to comment! :)

      I was just in a mood to write a sad poem, that's all. And this poem is something that I observed through a relationship my best friend was in.

      And thank you for the link! :)

  2. Abinaya..

    Lovely poem. Very nice..

    And the link is now working on my blog.. you may please follow.

    And keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank you Anonymous. But I would appreciate it if you could sign in and leave a comment? :)

  4. lovely!! i can so relate to this poem!!
    following you! check out my blog too: http://theduskyindianbeauty.blogspot.in/ and follow if you like! thanks

  5. Very beautiful poem AK! :)
    Loved it and I'm sure a lot of people will be able to relate to it!

    Sorry for vanishing. Had no internet access for the past month!!

  6. Very Nice, found your website from marcandangel.

    Well the last few lines, broken glass , glued. Memory fades you know, time is the greatest healer... that's how the world moves on , and that's why human being are so beautiful. Keep writing AK :)

    1. Thank you so much for hopping over Saurabh! :)
      True. :)
      And thank you for your lovely comment! :)

  7. Beautiful! I like the way you've compared who we are from the inside, what we crave for and what we do as a result of pressure. Everything's true and I loved the way you used those words, especially towards the end!

    I can't just manage poems :P
    Hope you're feeling good! :)

    1. Thank you so much Ashna! :)
      I started out writing with poems. So poems are really special to me. :)
      I'm doing good! Thanks! :)