28 June, 2012

Small things in life that I love :)

- Going for a run in the rain, smelling the earth and seeing lightning at a distance.

- The smell of freshly ground coffee beans.

- Friends you know for more than a decade.

- When your mad and accidentally smile.

- Listening to a song that you loved, but forgot about.

- Getting into bed after an exhausting day.

- The wag of a tail of a stray dog.

- Finding cash in a jeans you haven't worn in a long time.

- Watching the rain with pakoras and a cup of coffee.

- Sharing great memories among great friends.

- Reaching a one year anniversary of a bad habit that you quit.

- Hugs from a loved one who you meet after ages.

- The smell of old books while walking down the aisle in a library.

- Finding a framed photo of you in your best friend's house.

- A new day to try something new.

- Waving at a random kid.

- Songs that match your mood.

- Making a wish on a fallen eyelash.

- The silence between great friends.

- Falling asleep while talking to a loved one.

- Watching cartoons when your WAY too old to be watching them.

- The feeling of joy and relief after exams.

- The feeling of excitement and sadness before college reopens.

- Love that includes an 'us', without destroying the 'me'.

- When your working on something you love and time flies.

- Waking up at noon.

- Organizing things perfectly.

- Reading a text over and over cause it's so sweet.

- When you understand something you previously didn't and it opens up a new perspective.

- Painting for hours together and finally realizing that you look like you were playing paintball.

- Knowing that farewell doesn't mean goodbye.

- Finally getting over a bad relationship.

- Drinking something cold on a hot day that you can feel it travel down your throat.

- Finding an old toy from your childhood.

- Spinning around in an office chair.

- Watching the sky turn purple during a sunset.

- When a new friend gets along with your lifelong best friend.

- Unconditional love.

- That urge to spray water when you have a hose in hand.

- The smile of a loved one that lights up your world.

- Getting to be a tourist in your own city and realizing how cool the place you live in is.

- The feeling you get when you finally finish something you've procrastinated.

- The warm, snugly feeling when you pull the covers over you on a cold night.

- Knowing that your family means the world to you, no matter how much they nag you or annoy you.

- Seeing a scar on your body and remembering the story.

- The smell of a lit match and the wet earth.

- Playing Tic Tac Toe on a stranger's dirty car.

- Guessing on a test and later finding out that it's the right answer.

- Watching my sister breathing in her sleep. Reminds me of how awesome life is. Every. Single. Breath.

- When you realize that you get dimples when you smile and smiling to look at them.

- The feeling of freedom when your on a swing.

- The peace that comes with forgiving someone.

- When someone returns what they borrowed without you having to ask.

- When you get a dress that fits you perfectly though you didn't do a trial before buying it.

-  The snooze button.

- Feeling fresh after a shower.

- Cooking something new.

- Splashing around in rain puddles.

- Good hair days.

- Shopping without a list.

- Laughing aloud in a library because of a funny line you just read.

- Saying something that makes someone think.

- Meeting new people who inspire you.

- Instantly connecting to someone you have never met.

- Smiling at a stranger and watching them smile back.

- Sizzling chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream.

- Being alive.

- A freshly sharpened pencil.

- Tickle fights.

- Losing sleep to a good book just cause you can't stop reading it.

- Small, uncrowded shops that have exactly what you need.

- Being loved by your loved ones for being YOU.

- Good night kisses.

- Being healthy after a prolonged illness.

- That AWESOME feeling you get when you blog after what feels like ages.

- When it's sunny and drizzling and you can see the rainbow.

- Having the capacity to smile and appreciate the small things in life. :)

I just couldn't stop writing about small things I love! I've been sick and have been craving to write for quite sometime. But nothing struck me. So I took a baby step and I'm glad I did. It made me smile and gave me warm fuzzies that made me feel so loved! :)

I've finally completed the glass paintings: one of a lady and another abstract. I'm working on a still life oil painting and a flower with watercolor paints now. I'll put up photos of my glass paintings tomorrow! :)

What are those small things that make you smile in the midst of a bad day?


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  2. This is beautifully written! I can very well pick up my things which imbue happiness! Loved reading! :)

  3. I was smiling through almost every word i read in this post. I Could totally relate to most things on the list!

    1. Thank you; they're very simple things with a huge potential to put a smile! :)

  4. Lovely list of things. They really make life more beautiful. Though all of them are lovely my favourite is - Love that includes an 'us', without destroying the 'me'.

    1. Thank you Me! That is my favorite too :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful list of things. I really think when we make lists like this we feel a lot better ! Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of your world.