15 June, 2012

Why be fake and pretend to be somebody else, when what the world needs is YOU? :)

A face caked with foundation,
A bright pink lipstick,
Multicolored eyeshadow,
A pink blush,
A face full of makeup,
Doesn't make you fake,
It speaks volumes about yourself.

You could be enhancing your looks,
Just playing around with colors,
Having fun,
Defining your outer beauty,
Or trying to carve a niche for yourself.

There's another possibility,
Which is unacceptable,
You could be trying to mask your identity,
Your individuality,
Your personality,
Under an unassuming mass of chemicals.


All it screams is fake,
For YOU are at stake,
All you would end up with?
A mismatched interior and exterior.

Why compromise on you?
Why shudder to be yourself?
Why pretense?
Why put on an act to be someone else?
When what the world needs is you.

I've just realized,
That we've all been fake,
Quite often,
When we've put on a false smile,
When we've tried to merge with a crowd,
When we've lied about ourselves,
When we try to change,
Not for the better,
But to fit in.

Unending drama,
Being pseudo,
And trying to make the world believe that it's you,
When truly you know deep within,
That you have the freedom to be YOU.

Guilt ridden eyes,
A wrenched heart,
A tied soul,
Are all you will experience,
When you act fake.

Why be fake?
Is something I fail to understand,
Why not accept yourself?
Is again something I fail to understand.

Bask in the glory,
Of being unique,
Who the world cannot replace,
In the infinite years to come.

Don't smile to return a smile,
Grin cause you mean it.
Don't buy gifts,
To show off your wealth,
But because you feel they deserve it.
Don't put on makeup,
To make you look different or to hide your flaws,
But to define your exterior.
Don't promise to help someone,
When you know you cannot,
Save yourself from the guilt,
And the other the trouble of asking you.

Don't be fake,
Don't be unreal,
Don't be a second rate version of someone else,
For all the world needs is YOU.

Be genuine,
Be authentic,
Be real,
Be unique,
Be irreplaceable,
Be the beautiful YOU. :)

P.S: I'm enjoying my holidays after my college finals. I sleep in late, I wake up around 1pm, I read like there's no tomorrow, I work on my book and what keeps me occupied is that I'm working on a big glass painting. I'll post a photo of it once I'm done. :)


  1. I enjoyed your thoughts through this verse Abinaya. :) Especially the first para, where you say it could be because that's what we want and not just to be someone else. Great thoughts! :)

    And I'm waiting to see that glass painting! Bring it soon! :)

    1. Thank you Ashna! :)
      Yes, I'll put it ASAP!

  2. I loved the opening lines!
    How true. In fact one of the reasons i started blogging was to keep in touch with who i really am. The world sometimes compels us to cover it with layers ( at least at work )

    Lovely lines..

    Enjoy the holidays! Looking forward to see your new creation ( The glass painting )

    1. Very true!

      Thank you and I'll put it up ASAP! :)

  3. Beautiful lines....very deep...somewhere deep down we all do have a real person who is hiding.Maybe under the layers or maybe because that person is scared of the reality around us..