17 July, 2012

Small Beautiful Things In The Week That Went By. :)

It's been many weeks since I posted. College has begun and I think that I'm finally settling into a routine. :) It is fun till now, am totally enjoying my course. I'm so happy to be doing what I love and I hope to have a great year. :)

These were certain things that happened during the week that made me smile. :)

- Taking shelter under a bus stop with twenty other people and watching the rain.

- Attending laboratory classes and ACTUALLY enjoying them.

- Chatting with a friend endlessly about nothing. 

- Strangers becoming good friends.

- Hunting for the perfect lab-coat with friends when the temperature is 40 degrees!

- Sleeping on a new bed.

- Answers the questions that your curious sister has about life.

- Realizing why things never turned out perfect earlier.

- Playing 'Fruit Ninja' and 'Temple Run' for hours together.

- Being the first in line to get your new semester books.

- Laughing for the heck of it.

- Teasing your favorite staff in class.

- Getting thrown out of class, yet getting attendance!

- Explaining to your teacher that you want to go home early to see your dad.

- Eating aloo parathas under a tree dripping with rain water.

- Cold coffees on rainy days (and the subsequent 'Are you crazy?' stares).

- Having deep and meaningful conversations with the ones you love.

- Suddenly finding something that you lost and desperately need.

- Stocking up on skincare products.

- Checking your mail to find old photos of you sent from a friend.

- Letting your mind drift in its own pace while travelling.

- Watching kids wave at you on the road.

- Attending weddings.

- Falling in love with the rain and its charm.

- Knowing what it is that you REALLY want in life.

- Smiling, just cause you want to.

- Receiving a Crocin from a friend who realizes that you have a headache just by looking at you.

- Wearing the highest heels ever!

- Colorful bangles.

- Studying a subject that you initially hated, but slowly realizing how great it is.

- Finding clothe hangers in the weirdest of places.

- New ID card.

- Clicking random pictures of the city you live in.

- Tipping an autowala more than necessary.

- Finding comments on your blog to a post that you wrote long back.

- Finding your way in a part of the city where you have never been before.

- Reunions with friends.

- Fights that end cause you have no idea why they started.

- Watching a person make the wrong decisions, but yet supporting them, knowing that love is required more when you are wrong than when you are right.

- Knocking some sense into your best friend's head and then realizing that he never understood what you said!

- Best Friends.

- Reading lots of books on moving vehicles (due to excess enthusiasm and curiosity!), well knowing that you will end up with a headache.

- Eating at every joint in the college food court during a single lunch break.

- Buying water and telling the college food court cashier to put it on tab!

- Finally knowing your priorities.

Life is beautiful as it is. You just have to know where to look. :)

Till you see me next time..
Take care and keep smiling. :)


  1. Oh Abinaya! This is beautiful. I'm taking cue from you and start jotting down such little amazing things that happen! :D I'm so glad you're enjoying your course so much. Wish you lots more happiness and fun! :)

    1. Thank you Ashna! :)
      Yes, we should absolutely enjoy the small things in life, so that we can value the big ones better!
      I'm so sorry for not reading your blog, been far too busy, promise to catch up this weekend! :)

  2. Lovely post.... I was nodding my head to each one and smiling as I read till the end. Though I have not yet experienced few of them, but yes reading about them makes me feel its beauty...:)

    You seem to have had loads of fun this week..wishing you the same for weeks to come ahead too !

  3. Beautifull!!! keep writing...