18 July, 2012

Some Things That I Fail To Understand..

Today was a really hard day. Seven continuous(!) hours of lectures just drained me out physically and mentally. I felt like a retard, wanting to hurl stones at some of my staff. I was so shocked with certain decisions made by my loved ones, that I kept wondering if I'm the only idiot who swears living by certain set ideals. Some people chose to ignore me today for no apparent reason and others chose to spend lots of time with me. The day went by with mixed emotions, certain highs and lows, lots of love, a bit of fights, boredom and I should say that the day wasn't bad, it just wasn't the way I had wished it would be.
But a few things happened today that I failed to understand. Absolutely-Failed-To-Understand. I couldn't understand the intentions behind the actions or understand their perceptions. Maybe you could provide some insight?

- Why people quit when they don't see immediate results.

- Why people believe that a right act neutralizes their wrong.

- Why some friends change so much that we are no longer able to relate to them (negative changes).

- Why people NEVER think about life five years down the line, but 'for the moment', apparently doing useless stuff.

- Why people believe that the best is yet to come, when they NEVER put their best in anything.

- Why we let useless things consume our time, yet fool ourselves that the work we have done is productive.

- Why certain people are so 'busy', that they allot time periods for their loved ones!

- Why we can't just be happy and make the best use of what we have.

- Why people believe that life is unfair and unjust.

And to end on a peppy and crazy note maybe?

- Why everybody thinks I'm talkative! :D

Please let me know what you think of all that I've written.. I'd love to know your perspective!

That's it for now. :)
Till next time,


  1. Awww thats really sad to hear,but I am sure things will sort out soon for you.You could blame the gloomy weather with grey clouds and incessant rains for all the other things :D

    Sometimes in life we need a very bad jolt to realise the value of our loved ones around us and make us count our blessings. All the above qualities that you have mentioned seem to belong to such people!!

    And lastly people say you are very talkative because such people are pure hearted. They say what they feel and mean what they say. No hard feelings at all :)

    1. Awww such a sweet comment! Thank you Me! :)

      I love gloomy weather (I'm weird!) and the shade, rain and stuff. I generally blame the sun for all my bad days, but no luck with that yesterday! :D

      Let's see what I realize this time around.. :)

      Very true! I speak my mind and sometimes blurt out what is supposed to be a thinking process! I do say stuff that sound rude, but I don't tend to have bad intentions! Thank you for this answer!! :)

      Hugs! :)

  2. "Thank you Me!" :D

    Anyways, a good article with some thought provoking questions. I keep hearing these questions from a friend at my office. But I honestly dont worry much about these things. I dunno, guess I am just plain selfish or something. Anyways, the article has got my curiosity, and I am sure the other comments below would have some insightful answers. :)