12 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #10: Aahatein. ♥

With every step that you take,
The closer you come towards me,
The feeling of satisfaction,
The desire to achieve,
The beauty of winning,
For I am the GOAL you seek.

With every breath you breathe,
You pray and wish,
For better things indeed,
Every turning moment,
I'm unnoticed, but by your side,
For I am HOPE indeed.

With every tear that drops,
With every pit in the journey of life,
Whenever you feel that you've been pushed down,
I only motivate,
For I am FAILURE that drives you forward.

With every song that you hear,
In my praise,
For every moment you think of me,
But fail to notice my presence,
Be certain that I'm always by your side,
Protecting and guiding you,
For I am the LORD you pray to.

With every kind act you do,
With every happiness you perceive,
With sadness and joy I fill your life,
Ups and downs I provide,
To life,
For I am the LOVE in the relationships you cherish.

For life is lived,
By every FOOTSTEP you take,
Towards everything you need,
Towards everything you want,
And ingrained it shall be,
In your heart,
Just like FOOTSTEPS in wet cement.

P.S: This is a part of yesterday's blogathon. I'm undergoing a lot of stress lately and as usual, have lost that fine thread called 'balance' that keeps my life in one piece! 
And to those who don't know Hindi, Aahatein means footsteps! :) 

Seeking forgiveness,

1 comment:

  1. Such poignant thoughts!!

    Life is truly made up of these things - hope, failure,goals, love and our footsteps finally leading to Lord :)

    These things are a way of Him to show us what we can do otherwise perhaps we would never realise our true potential at all... it is so important to fail to value success and so important to be hurt to value joy.

    Loved your post as always!