12 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #11: Small Beautiful Things In Life That I Love! :)

- Inside jokes between friends.

- Popping bubble wrap!

- Enjoying 'me time' without anybody bothering you.

- The fresh smell of the earth after a rainstorm.

- Waking up from a nightmare and realizing that it's not true.

- When you randomly get to know a nice person, who you enjoy talking to through a word game! :)

- The smell of really nice perfume.

- The smell of roasted coffee beans.
- When you sacrifice so much, work hard and get more than what you deserve.

- That long comfortable silence shared between loved ones.

- Star gazing.

- Talking with a friend who makes you laugh!

- Telling someone how much you appreciate them.

- Watching a baby sneeze.

- The simplicity of childhood.

- When someone is genuinely happy and proud of you and tells you so.

- Cookie dough!

- Chocolate ganache!

- When someone wakes up really early just to meet you for a few seconds.

- Love that has surpassed the tides of time.

- Excitement of swinging on a swing.

- Making plans for a trip that is months away.

- Pillow fights!

- A beach that connects two main oceans.

- An unexpected compliment.

- A photograph that takes you into past memories.

- The unique sound of the gate creaking when my Dad returns home after a long trip.

- Tears of joy.

- Making weird faces in the mirror!

- Bittersweet emotions on the last day of first year of college.

- The sound of the thunder, the flash of lightning and the smell of rain to remind you of the beauty of nature.
- Waking up, realizing it's weekend and falling asleep again.
- No morning days, when you wake up after 12pm.
- Hugs!

Life is shorter than you think. You never know if there really is going to be a tomorrow. Do what you can do tomorrow today. My best friend promised to listen to me narrate the whole episode of my first flying experience. It's my first flying class tomorrow and he's no longer around. I lost him to cancer, when he was only 19.  It's a very emotional moment for me and I miss him like hell. Sixteen years of laughing unnecessarily, sixteen years of making goals and dreams, sixteen years of finishing each other's sentences. Its been six months now, I've learnt to live life large without him. But that void in my heart? Oh, that will never be filled. Life live when you've got the time to live it.

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  1. Very true Aaekay, life is too short to hold grudges and carry hurt in your heart. Laugh when you, love when can...for you never know when the next one could be the last moment you could do that!

    Heart touching post...:')