14 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #12: A Truckload of Memories, Life Lessons and Fun! :)

A day well lived is one where you have learnt something and enjoyed yourself. I feel like a took a step towards my goal yesterday and I had a blast with my friends!
Yesterday, my three friends and I went on a trip to Orient Flight School in Pondicherry. I got up at 4am, got ready and left home by 5:30am. Inspite of not being an early riser, I was so excited about the day ahead. I sent innumerable texts to my three friends and we were ready to meet at my college around 6:30am. I called up my best friend, who went crazy at being woken up at 6am, to come and collect my assignment and wave us goodbye! Well, I was about excited on meeting him at college so early and I felt happy about being a responsible student!
We left from college towards Pondicherry around 6:45am and the chit-chat started there! We chatted about many funny incidents from each of our lives, teased each other, binged on coca cola, biscuits and chocolates and had so much fun! We had a smooth journey till we reached a place called Marakannam. There was a strike going on there due to water shortage. We were supposed to reach the Flight School by 9:30am, but we were sure to be delayed due to the strike. We spent about half an hour waiting for the strike to get cleared, but when the police arrived, they insisted on giving protection to the strikers than clearing them. So we were forced to take an alternate route, which would add an extra 20kms to our travel! There were also speculations of bad roads, no sign boards and such. But, if you'd ask me, I'd say the journey through that area was tough, but the roads were not too bad. This obstacle added forty minutes to our already long journey.
The path of our journey, the sights we crossed during travel was beautiful. It was quiet and peaceful, breath-taking views and lots of lessons were learnt. We crossed around 33 villages in our course of travel. That lone temple on top of a mountain, the evaporation of sea water to produce salt, watching villagers pack salt to send to factories for purification, watching two mountains merge into a V-shape, coconut trees that grew in haphazard fashions at various angles (even 180 degrees!), the scars of a tsunami stricken village, the backwaters of two oceans, an estuary that had salt deposited on its sides, old people praying in small temples, the sound of children playing, the joy in children's eyes when they saw a car pass by, the roots of old banyan trees, trees whose leaves merged together to make it seem like you were under a bridge, the peeping of sunlight through closely knit leaves.. I can go on and on.
I have always associated villages to power cuts, water shortages, lack of amenities and such. But it was yesterday that my assumptions saw the truth. Yes, they suffered more troubles than the urban dweller, but their happiness was none short of blissful. You could see the innocence in their eyes, smell freshness in the air and the taste of a stress free life. You could see men laugh out loud, women gossiping, children playing, birds chirping, there was chaos. It was sublime, subtle chaos. Everybody seemed to have all the time in the world. Children went to their local school, men produced salt or maintained farms, women made local handicrafts. The charm exuded by the villages that I passed through made me see beauty in simplicity and love in hardship. Indeed, a valuable lesson learnt in the joy of just being alive..
After passing through many such places, we finally reached our destination at 10am. We finished all the formalities and the object of love for all four of us was in front of our eyes. An aircraft. A beast with immeasurable power. Analog indicators, digital indicators, six cylinder engines, eight cylinder engines, wow.. Four seater aircrafts that exuded power and class. We learnt the different types of flying and got to try our hand at it too! Amazing would not do justice to the experience that we had.
After spending about three hours there, the main purpose of the journey had come to an end. We were ready to leave, only stopping to have yummy lunch at a local restaurant. No sightseeing, for the journey had tired us. We had fun chatting and listening to music on our way back. It was a great day, one that will be in my box of memories forever. One that will probably hit me on the day I hold the joystick on starting my training again. One that will probably come back to me when I receive my commercial pilot license or when I make my first flight with a 'truckload' of passengers. My goal seemed distant and unreachable a few days ago, it seemed difficult and even scared me, it clenched my heart when I thought of what would happen in case I didn't achieve my goal. But now I know.. My goal is close by, a few more footsteps is all I have to take, a few more years is all I have to wait, for what is worthy of being achieved doesn't come easily.. You strive for it. :)
Yesterday's experience made me stronger and braver, happier and more grateful about all that life offers me. Now, I know why I am truly blessed; in happiness and joy, in fear and despair, in sadness and sorrow, I have many many things to hold onto.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a text from a friend with whom I hadn't been in touch for over a year. I was elated reading what the text said and made a mental note to truly make time to reach out to those who care about me.
The text said,
"It's been more than a year since we met and over six months since we spoke, but even today, when I hear someone laugh out loud, without inhibition, without worry, I think of you. Thank you for teaching me to laugh and be happy. I love you girl!"

I met this friend of mine when her life was at its worst. She taught me to see the beauty of life and I taught her to laugh her troubles away. When all we had wanted was each other's company, we had unknowingly taught each other life lessons that we would follow in the years to come. :) You'll never know what a person is worth, you'll never know how well you've lived life, but if you laugh and smile everyday; help a person genuinely, without expectations everyday, know that you lived your life well. :)


  1. WOW!!

    How sweet......Aaekay this post spelled life-love-laugh from the first word itself. It is so full of life, love and laughters at each and every word.

    Simply beautiful...touchwood!

    Lucky girl..you have such wonderful friends :)

    Wishing you such happiness always!

    1. Thank you Me!!! :)

      Wishing you lots of happiness and love too!! :)


  2. wonderful trip.....you can come over to US for pilot training...it's much easier here and you have lots of flight simulator training that you can go through as well.

    Regarding friends...its good to get back in touch, but I don't do too well if people move away for long periods from my life.