03 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #2: Forever?

That's what you promised.
I knew deep within,
How that would turn out,
But a smile I posed on my lips,
For forever was what I wanted.

You never did have,
I was always the one to understand,
That you were spent,
Without ever investing time on me.

Emotions I never experienced,
Tumbled in me,
Tossed me around,
And very often took the better of my logic.

Very few minutes,
Available they were,
For you to spend with me,
Am I not worth your time?
24 hours spent they were,
In sleeping, studying and daily chores.

But when forever is promised,
There never is looking back,
Or looking at the present,
The future is the goal,
The dreams that one weaves,
The life that one wishes to live,
Are all that matter.

The problems in the present rise,
But blinded they get,
Quenched they feel in drugs,
Sublime chaos,
But none roused till the awakening,
For forever means living in the mind,
In the hope,
Of a 'perfect' tomorrow.

For it was when I felt,
Thrown around,
And stripped of my respect,
That I realized,
What a simpleton I had been,
For forever was an excuse,
To push me into darkness,
To destroy my present,
Yet exalting my ego,
And stroking my pride.

Never did exist;
For our relationship,
Never saw the light of today,
The beauty of the present,
Or utilized time we had on our hands,
To create memories for a real forever;
It was always looking forward to the light,
At the end of the tunnel..
But what if the tunnel never ends?

But end my tunnel did,
On the day I realized what your promise of forever meant,
An excuse it was,
To cheat me of today,
To rob me of the riches of the present,
Yet hallucinating me with a delusion of a future that never will exist.


  1. Haunting...is the only word that comes to my mind as I read this.

    it is so beautifully written, it tugs your heart...giving you goosebumps... I don't want your blogathon to stop...please make it continue it forever...and ever!

    1. I know of relationships like this Me! Imagine the plight of being in such a one. Haunting it is indeed.

      Thank you SO much Me! This comment just made my day <3 It is so sweet of you to read my posts and comment!! :)

  2. This was an amazing post. I am actually short of words right now.

    Do keep writing Abinaya. :)