07 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #6: Maggi in a Pressure Cooker? :D

Is it possible..
For the height of craziness to cross all horizons?
For a person to become so insane..
That simple cooking is forgotten?
If your answers are no,
Listen to this story!

I know this guy,
Madly insecure,
Or obsessed with his dreams,
I ain't aware,
But his height of craziness,
Unequalled and unparalled,
It shall remain,
In all future ages to come!

For he makes a two minute dish,
In a pressure cooker,
A task so simple,
Made so time bound,
Making me wonder if a lunatic he is indeed!

Sorry I feel for his daughter,
For she loves food,
But being bad at cooking,
She will have to tolerate,
The height of insanity,
Her father possesses,
And the chaos he is capable of creating!

For not even a five-year old will make,
Maggi in a pressure cooker,
Read the instructions,
Is the best advice I can give,
For I, myself am unaware of how Maggi is made!!

P.S: My body is in bad health. My mind is messed up. I can see how this reflects in my writing. Please bear with me for a couple of days, till I bounce back with good health!
This poem is fiction for the following reasons:
* I am a good cook.
* My dad is an amazing cook.
* I wrote this poem on 07th November, 2009. Please don't throw bricks at me after reading this poem; I was a kid back then!

Till I regain my sensibility,