10 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #9: Is home where you live or is it where your heart is?

Why is it that my throat chokes and my heart aches when I have to leave Dubai? Why doesn’t it happen when I go on a vacation to any other place? Why do I crave to go back there and lead that high-comfort, luxurious life? Why do I miss the infrastructure, the cleanliness and the high-end life? Well.. Is that all I miss? Do I really miss the place because of what it is?  Or do I miss the place because of the memories it contains? It is the place where I spent my childhood. Eight years of a blessed, fun-filled childhood.  It is the place where my Dad works. It is him I miss. It is the memories I have with him and my loved ones that I miss.
Dubai is a special place to me. It is closest to my heart.  My heart swells with happiness and pride when I see how much the place has developed. Yes, this is not my hometown. This is not the place where I was born. It is not here my roots belong. But this is the place that adopted me when I was a kid. It is here I started to discover the world. My world. I made my first friends here, pushed across boundaries, discovered my capabilities, succeeded in academics, refined my leadership skills, sailed through obstacles, stuck to my culture, yet also adopted to a new culture and background. 
Dubai has taught me the value of friendship, truth, freedom and definitely, fun! It laid the foundation for my character and attitude. The people around me and of course, I am solely responsible for who I am today. Dubai taught me to enjoy and try new things (especially at Al Hashmi building!). It taught me to take certain things lightly and others seriously. It defined ‘me’.
As I left Dubai, I left a part of me behind. A part that will live in people’s memories. All of us have touched many people’s lives and left a mark in their memories. So have I.
Dubai will always be my world; the land that defined me and taught me so much that can never be listed. Dubai will always be equal to my friends, family and loved ones. Dubai, you are my first home.

Thank you Mom and Dad for all the experiences, memories and for molding me. 
Miss you Dad!
Love you both!


  1. Awww...this is such a cute and touching post!

    You are right, places, people and experiences make us what we are :)

  2. BTW have written something on the lines of your analysis post ..thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. I've never visited Dubai....have been to the airport many times during transit :).....yes the place where you grew up for so many years is sure to hold a special place in your heart. Lovely post!

  4. Weeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww.......

    Wow what a Life...it really helps when you follow whatever your heart says.