01 August, 2012

Goals, Dreams, Wishes, Progress. :) Analyzed and Noted!

Like the first of every month, this month too I decided to do a self check. I decided to jot down my goals and dream bigger. I decided to make a wishlist and strike off as and when I achieve what I want. But this time, I decided to share it with you! It would work as a form of extrinsic motivation for me and maybe you could follow the idea too! Together everybody achieves more, isn't it? :)


- To resume work on my book, which I had abruptly stopped due to college routine.

- To put more effort into my studies.

- To write faster during my exams, instead of playing tug of war with my answer sheet with the invigilator!

- To take an initiative to get interested in subjects that I don't like, but need marks in.

- To save money to some extent. (I'm very bad at this!)


- To join a flying club ASAP. :)

Emotionally, I need to..

- Mend my stressed relationship with my best friend.

- Stop getting annoyed when things don't go my way.

- Keep in touch with my loved ones.

- Stop tit for tat when someone hurts me.

- Understand that everybody is entitled to follow their choice, no matter how close they are to me and whether I like/accept their choice or not.

I've progressed in.. :)

- Understanding that words need to be put into action and not be hollow substances that evaporate once they are said.

- Knowing that life is made up of perspectives and that it needs to be kept in mind before doing anything.

- Comprehending that happiness is not about smiling through the good times, but smiling through all odds that we face.

- Appreciating the small things that bring umpteen joy into my life.

- Knowing that everyone is entitled to living their life the way they want and that NOBODY has a right to comment on whether it is correct or not, for it is a matter of perspective.

- Understanding that what is wrong will NEVER be right, no matter how much it is justified for.

I wish..

- To get a driving license soon.

- To patch up with my best friend.

- To get awesome marks in my tests that are going on. (Did it with three subjects!)

- To control my temper and analyze the situation, before losing it. (A big step I'm taking here!)

- To blog more often!

So, what are your dreams/wishes/goals for the month that has started? What did you achieve last month that you feel proud about?

Happy August Lovelies! :)

P.S: I'm going to do an August blogathon! I will be blogging on various topics every single day of this month! :) I'm sure it's going to wear me out and I'm afraid that I might skip a day or two, but I want to give this a shot! :) Looking forward to your comments and feel free to join me in the same if you are interested!! :)


  1. Its a nice way to keep track of what you want to do, have to do and how much have you done it. I'm sure you will get what you want in the near future and in life.
    Looking forward to the blogomania in august:P.
    Have a good night:)

    1. Very true. :)
      Night and thank you for your comment! :)

  2. An interesting post. Love the way you have segregated various things in life which could actually become milestones. I actually want to do this now on every month!!

    I am looking forward to this month as I have strong feeling something very good is going to happen with me. And last month the thing that I was very proud of was my story I am busy [ You may call me narcissist for this :-O]

    Wish you all the luck for your dreams, aspirations and may all your wishes come true! - AMEN

    Waiting eagerly for your blogathon :)

    1. Thank you Me! :) I'm looking forward to your check sheet for this month! :)

      I hope you achieve whatever that good thing happens to be! :)
      I too loved that post. And nope, I wouldn't call you a narcissist, then what would I call myself? ;)

      Thank you again Me!

      I'm excited about the blogathon too!! :) Looking forward to your comments!! :)


  3. BTW forgot to tell you, I simply looooovvved your header. Its sooo beautiful and mystic :)