09 August, 2012

Blogathon Post #8: Do you crib or do you learn life lessons?

There have been days,
When the Lord has been far too kind,
Such that at the end of the day,
Grateful I am,
For all I experienced,
For all the happiness I felt,
For all the lessons I learnt,
And for the ways in which I grew.

Days I have been through,
When I felt that the world was conspiring against me,
That nothing more could go wrong,
Hit I had rock bottom,
And more often than not,
Succumbed to the pain of bad times.

It was on one such day,
When nothing went my way,
And tears welled up in my eyes,
That I realized,
A choice there was!
Events will happen,
Good and bad,
Face them or ignore them,
They will still exist,
But face them,
With a steel-iron attitude,
And bad shall be vanquished,
For in our attitude,
Lies victory,
And defeat too.

Every good day,
Shall be followed with a bad day,
It is not to ruin one's happiness,
It is not for Him to rejoice in your failure,
Or a moment to feel incapable;
A test it is indeed,
To see the level of gratitude you express,
To feel the strength you possess,
To watch you walk with your head held high,
And face the problem in the eye,
For the Lord shall never give thou,
What one cannot handle,
What one cannot withstand;
All you need to understand,
Is life is not lived in years,
Life is not lived by being merry forever,
It is lived day by day, minute by minute;
Creating memories when the time is right,
And learning life lessons when the time is 'wrong'. :)

P.S: I had a bad outlook towards bad moments in life. I could never fathom why things couldn't go my way all the time. It wasn't until my fifth grade teacher intervened, pointed out my mistake and gently explained to me what I doing wrong that I gradually changed myself. I love her for that. She is no longer in my life, but the mark that she left in it will never, ever go away. She will always be a part of my memories. :) Sometimes, people who are there with us for a season teach us more valuable lessons than those who are always with us, by our side. :)


  1. Wow, you are really lucky to have met such an inspiring person in your life. It truly means a lot to have some correct you at an important junction of your life. It made you what you are today :)

    1. Very true Me.. :)
      Thank you for the comment! :)