09 September, 2012

Random Thoughts.. Speculations, Ideas and More.

You know those days where you wake up on the right side of the bed, have a hearty breakfast and start the day with optimism, but when the days ends and you look back only to realize that the only happy moments were what happened in the morning?
You decide to put it back and continue with your life. You value peace so much and all you want is a day filled with joy. Yet, that parasite never lets go of you and continues to blind you in the unexpected times. Face the problem and it will vanish. But what if it is betrayal, a broken trust, longing for more love, which truly remains unaccomplished after facing it?
What if you wake up every morning wanting to detach your body and soul, heart and mind? What if everyday all you want is to smile without pretense, without worries; love without limits and experience unconditional love, but all you get is a feeling of loneliness?
Do you smile through it all or do you sort it out and smile? Do you love despite the pain? Do you wish for better times or go ahead and create them?
The need to be loved doesn't cease with receiving love; it ceases by giving love. But what if love goes unrecognized? What if it isn't needed by the other? What if all you want is love and that is all you don't receive? Concern, wishes, happiness and conversations expressed are different from love.
What if you know the kind of love you crave for, but can't define it? What if you feel what you receive is inadequate? What if it arouses feelings of insecurity? Will you go ahead and try to explain your way of deciphering love or accept what you get as genuine love?
How many relationships do you really value in your life? How many strangers have become closer to you than your family? How many friends have walked in and out of your path? Why do we still hope? Why do we believe in love? In happiness? In sorrow? In perspectives? In feel good emotions? And in life itself?
Faith is one thing that keeps my life going. The words that I say, using it to converse with my God, form my prayer. My God is my best friend. I used to remember Him only in times of trouble, but this episode has instilled a strong sense of faith and the omnipresence of God in me. I know He is always watching out for me, smiling at my speculations and widening my horizons. I know He loves me more than any mortal being can and that nothing will ever go wrong with Him on my side. I trust in Him, I fight with Him, I talk to Him, I know that there is nothing in this world that can be so much mine as He is.
Isn't love a kind of faith? Isn't it expressed differently by everyone? Isn't it meant to enrich our lives, then why do we pollute love with impurities? Love with faith, for faith itself only starts by expressing love to Him.


  1. Super Tight hugs...to you <3

    You were truly missed and I was wondering if all was ok with you. Thought of leaving a message but thought maybe it would get too intrusive.

    I can understand the feeling of hurt for I have been there done that not once but many times..and still I am not hurt proof :)

    I believe such incidents are lessons for us - to remember our mistakes, learn a lesson, remember God and to become more stronger.

    Take your time...but do take care


    1. So true when you say we are not hurt proof!
      Thank you Me for the concern!
      Super tight hugs right back to you!! <3 :)