11 September, 2012

Whose Fault Is It?

A thought that struck me while writing today's exam..

What the world looks at is your marks. Those numbers on your final certificate matter more than your knowledge and how well you studied for the exam. Is it because of our emphasizing on marks that causes people to indulge in malpractice? Is the temptation of a few more numbers so high that we are willing to give up on right and wrong? The outcome of this is a larger number on your certificate and zilch knowledge regarding the topic in your head.

So what is it really worth?
And whose fault is it here; the institute's for only emphasizing on marks or the students' for a lack of self discipline and interest in the subject?


  1. The fault is with our society who lays so much of importance on numbers... it is just a number given too much importance.

    Give your best and know you have done the best that you could. Rest all shall fall into place!

    All the best for your exams and take care :)

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