22 October, 2012

I'm giving out awards! :)

I've been following quite a lot of blogs and try to catch up on reading all of them as and when time permits. From all those blogs that I do follow, there are two blogs that have left an impact on me. Those two bloggers have become my dear friends and I cannot skip reading their blogs. If there are no updates, I atleast read through their archives! :D

I wanted to show my appreciation and love for these fellow bloggers. They've become such an integral part of my life, that I cannot imagine not reading their work anymore! They comment on every post I write and leave constructive criticism. From how much I know them, they're very humble, grateful and always fun to talk to!

To know who they are, read on. :)

#1: The POSITIVE BLOG award to the wonderful Ashna Banga! :) 

It's raining awards for her and she really deserves each and every one that she gets! A wonderful writer who loves being behind the lens, a book addict, a management student, a person who believes that she was born in the wrong century and a very big foodie (she claims so)! :D
Every post that you read on her blog will leave you feeling refreshed, positive and with a smile on your face! She has the wonderful talent of putting out even her frustrations in a positive manner.
A person who leaves me puzzled when she claims that she cannot write poems. A person with a wonderful attitude, who really knows what the most valuable things in life are. She isn't about money, public image or career, but about those small things that we very often overlook and underestimate.

Let's hear it for this bubbling personality please!

#2: The EXPRESSIVE WRITER award to the charming Me!

An absolutely amazing writer whose observations about things in life will astonish you and take your breath away! A very passionate person whose love for writing is perceivable in every post she pens down. Her simple, yet eloquent method of writing will leave with a thirst to read more of her works. If there's one thing this charming and beautiful lady can't get enough of, it's love! She's a diehard romantic and all her love stories have a whiffle of fantasy and flutter of reality. :)
Every single post of hers has the power to compel you to leave a comment, no matter how busy one is. Her writings always strike a chord, touch that soft spot in your heart and linger on in your subconscious mind. She has no fears about showing her true self on her blog; she holds it very close to her heart. Love is her first name and gratitude is indeed her second.
A person whose writing will always leave you feeling a roller coaster of emotions!
She's been my rock support through my tough times, helped me do the right things when I've been lost and heard/read my chitter-chatter and responded to it with patience and love. She holds a very special place in my heart and even if we ever happen to move apart (NO! *touch wood*), she will  always be a person I can call my best friend. ♥

Congratulations Ashna and Me!! :)

But before you flaunt the award on your blog, answer the following questions! :D

#1: Which post that you have written on your blog is your most favorite of all and why?

#2: Which post that I have written on my blog is your favorite and why?

#3: How would you define love, hope, faith and life in a sentence?

#4: What is that one thing that you cannot tolerate in a person?

#5: What defines YOU in one word?

#6: If we were to meet somewhere out of the blue, what would you say to me? How would you identify me, if you had to approach me and confirm that it is AaeKay indeed!?

#7: Do you believe that people are allowed to break your heart in a relationship? (I know we trust them not to.)

#8: What is one thing that you love about yourself? 

#9: How productive are you? What do you follow in order to be productive? (This is because I'm trying hard to become productive; not working!)

#10: How did you come across my blog and what was your first thought about my blog and me?

I hope you guys have a good time answering the questions! I had a great time racking my brains for questions! :D

Congratulations again and I'm really looking forward to reading your wonderful answers!!



  1. Oh wow. You really are so kind! Thanks a million Abinaya for those wonderful words :D
    It really is raining awards for me! I cannot put off creating a separate award tab now ;)

    Will create a post about this asap! :)
    Thanks again!!

  2. You deserve it all Ashna! :)

    Always welcome! Totally looking forward to your post :D

  3. OMG.... this was damn cute <3

    I am actually dancing with joy right now..it is sooo beautiful. Thank you soooooo much for using such wonderful words for Me, am truly honored, privileged and touched!

    And yes it is a promise to be there, always no matter what.

    Love you.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Loads of hugs to you

    1. Congrats and thank you for the wonderful promise!! :))
      Looking forward to your award post!!

      Love you and hugs to you too :* :* :* <3

    2. Finally I did my post on this:


      And this beautiful thing adorns my cap too


      Thanks so much once again dear <3

      Muah :*

  4. Hi friend,

    the two persons you described here are my favourites too..Thanks for rewarding them.
    I just loved the way you described 'privy'("Me"). All things you said are very much true. Me too know it. I also feel the same things about her, but couldn't express it in such a lovely way, as you did.Even If I tried, I may not get such fabulous words. i am thanking you straight from my heart for telling her, how special she really is..

    Take care..


    1. Hi Sikha,

      I'm more than glad that you loved my heartfelt post. It has indeed been a pleasure knowing Ashna and Me. Both of them are unique and special in their own ways.

      Hugs! Take care.

      Would love to see you here more often. :)

  5. Hey Abinaya, this is such a sweet post. These two girls are truly one of the very sweet and thoughtful people I've come across through the blogosphere and definitely well deserving for these lovely awards that you've made. And you are a sweet-heart. :D No, I am flattering, it's just real nice of you to make personal/custom awards for fellow bloggers. :D
    Smiles. God bless you. :)

    P.S: Aren't there too many 'sweet's' for one para. I guess it's word of the day for me. :P

    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment! :) You're so right. They're amazingly down to earth and such WONDERFUL people. Thanks again 'sweet' person :D