22 October, 2012

Your opinion? No, thank you.

Given by everyone,
About everything,
How experienced really is one,
To give out their opinion?

How do you know,
If an opinion is worthy to be followed,
Does it become an advice?
Why do we have to say,
On everything,
When nothing would suffice?

Is it about having a stand on an issue?
Or is it having a view?
Does it imply,
That one has done 'serious thinking'?
Or is it random words strung together,
Hoping to make some sense?

An opinion,
Isn't right,
Isn't wrong,
It's a view,
Or a judgement passed,
Not necessarily based on fact,
Not quite based on knowledge,
Indeed words strung together,
Trying to prove one's 'mettle'.

Why pass an opinion,
When you haven't walked in the other person's shoes?
Why have a say on everything under the sun?
Why talk about things that don't bother or affect you?

Being blessed with a sixth sense,
Was not to dish-dash about unnecessary things,
It was to form an opinion,
It was to voice what you feel,
But only when the situations requires it.

Oh! I see many matters in question,
And even more opinions,
I truly now wonder,
Who asked them to voice their opinion,
When they haven't been there,
At that moment,
In time.

Be knowledgeable about everything under the sun,
Let your wisdom have no boundaries,
Let your thoughts flow,
Let your experiences carve you,
Live your life,
Form opinions about everything that matters to you,
But for all that I care,
Keep those opinions to yourself,
Until and unless asked for.

P.S: This poem was written in an emotionally unstable state. I generally sort out my emotions and then start writing, but today I just had an urge to pen down what I felt. I haven't thought about what I'm writing. A blank page isn't pleasing to the eye and this is what I could come up with, in the state I am now. 
If one really wants to voice their opinions all the time, start a blog or join a newspaper as an advice columnist. Somebody will read it and you'd find like-minded people.

Sorry for the sarcasm.

Thoroughly pissed,


  1. sometimes irrelevant opinions change our mood.
    Hope you feel better soon dear..


    1. Thank you for your kind comment Anisha :)

  2. True, sometimes we get opinions when we don't need and sometimes it's from those who might just be saying stuff to keep the conversation flowing. But definitely sometimes from those who genuinely care and think about you. We just have to know to differentiate between the two.

    I really liked how you've described it in depth, the different reasons and ways we give/receive opinions!
    Stay happy and keep writing. :)
    It feels like a relief to sometimes write when you're not thinking straight! ;)

    1. You hit the right nail! Bang on :) I love it when I get opinions from people who genuinely care about me. I think about it in depth and then decided what to do. But when every person feels they have a right to give opinions, it pisses me off completely!

      Thank you Ashna!! :)

  3. First tym at ur blog nd really nyc post....!!!

  4. Ah!! The so called free opinions in this world. We all could do without it... I only wish those people who have gave them would understand this.

    1. True Me :)
      Thank you for the comment :))