22 November, 2012

Getting over failure, Wishlist, Things that brighten up my day :)

I had a VERY bad day yesterday. My test went bad, I fought with my mom and I couldn't deal with myself. There was this someone who instantly brightened up my day with her love, concern and wisdom and I truly can't get enough of this beautiful person. Thank you. :)

I just felt that I need to look somewhere and know that I have these things for TLC when I'm down or when I feel like a failure. These things make me smile and feel good inside. And really, I'm trying to realize that failure is a way of life. If you haven't failed enough, you haven't learnt anything. I'm not willing to walk on the safe side, but I will try to not bring failure onto myself.

So the things that brighten up my sad, soggy days..

#1: Texting or talking to wonderful people who care about me

Yup! I have a BB curve ;)

A text that made my day:
"Failure is a way of life to teach us the ways which don't work. Try till you find a new way of making things work. Don't fear it. Otherwise it will scare you more. Hug it with love and it will melt in your love!!!"

All I'll say is hold onto people who love you and NEVER let them go. :)

#2: Watching Castle!

I'm a HUGE fan of this TV series. I love Stana Katic who portrays detective Kate Beckett and Nathan Fillion who acts as writer Richard Castle. Together, they solve murder mysteries :)!
Nothing in the world destresses me as much as this does. I'm craving to lay my hands on a DVD with all the seasons! :D

#3: Reading a book like 'A Bend In The Road' :)

My favorite book :)
I have nothing to say, except please go ahead and read this wonderful book. Nicholas Sparks weaves a story like he has never before.

#4: Watching/Reading 'A Walk To Remember'

My life just gets better when I read this book or watch this movie. It teaches me more about life, love, living in the present, hope and faith. I'm a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan. :)

#5: Spending time with someone who understands me


Do I even need to say anything? :)

#6: Playing word games

'Cause I don't know to play Sudoku. ;)

#7: Blowing and bursting bubbles!

Bubbles; let's burst them!
 How cute are they! Takes me back to my childhood. Sweet memories :))

#8: Cooking!!

Hehe I cook like that :P
I'm quite a good cook! Really! :D
I love making desserts and vegetable manchurian is my favorite food!!

#9: Sleeping

Sleep well :)
Sleep rejuvenates. Sleep makes you wake up to a brighter day. It makes one think clearly and feel more in control of yourself. Sleep eight hours every night and feel the difference.

#10: Knowing that life is too short to spend worried

My BB wallpaper ;)
 It says all and more than I want to say! :)

Well.. That's about me, how I destress and get over failure. Another thing I do is brood, cry my heart out, dwell over it and think it thoroughly. I think of how to never repeat it again. :)

So what do you do to get over failure?

P.S: It's my birthday next month. I want to publish my birthday wishlist here ;) Yup, I'm a kid at heart (actually people have told me I look like one too!) :D

- Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
- Apple iPod Touch (the new version)
- Scented candles (no floral scents please!)   
- MAC Vegas Volt lipstick (PLEASE PLEASE! :D)
- 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey
- Castle TV Series DVD (All seasons)  
- The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
- A Polaroid Camera

So who's getting me what? ;) A love package with any of these stuff will be great!! (Are you reading, my three best friends, dad and mom?) :D

Love you all! Missed you guys :)


  1. You know I always feel there are many small things in life which bring in real joy and most of them are free - like love! :)

    You seem to one lucky person to have been able to bask in it so much - TOUCHWOOD!! I love love love your list of "feel-good" things.. I guess we all should try to do this sometimes as it reminds us how blessed we are. Especially No. 10 - for that is my wall paper too ;)

    Well to get over a failure firstly ofcourse I mourn my failure till the time I feel better and then I look out for loopholes coz I know without them I would not have failed at all. Looking for solutions to that loopholes is very imp to succeed the next time.

    Ahem Ahem.. so birthday gal - your birthday list is already getting fulfilled...just keep your eyes wide open maybe all of them will come true by your birthday <3 For Ask and you shall receive :)

    P.S: Heyyyy it feels soo good to read a post from you! And yes you were missed a lot toooo :*


      So true Me, the best things in the world are free :)
      When I have people like you in my life, of course my life will be filled with love! :* Yes, you're right. Things that make us feel happy should be done on a daily no, hourly basis :) Then life would be very beautiful! :)

      Yay, we have same wallpapers :D

      True Me that! Loopholes.. Well I'm looking for that in what I just failed.

      I hope so all of it gets fulfilled! So what are you getting me? ;) So true - Ask and receive! :* :)

      I love you Me!!! :*
      Tight hug!

    2. Good to hear you are working on loopholes - All the best!

      And as for your gifts...well that shall be a secret till then... take care... loads of love and hugs <3

    3. Thanks!

      I'm excited beyond words! <3

      Hugs to the sweetest ever. :)

  2. you have mentioned the best things to do during those soggy days. even i have felt the same with cooking, speaking with your bestie, reading,sleeping,having choclates,listening to A.R Rahman Sirs song,self talk, all these small things make me happy and lightens up my mood.
    I M too a Nicolas Sparks Fan.

    And the Bday wishlist is really great and hope your parents,frnds and everyone has noted the list. :)

    ❤ May your wishes be fulfilled Princess!! ❤

    1. I've missed you dear!! :)

      Thank you for the beautiful wish! Amen!

      Nicholas Sparks transports me to a world where everything is perfect in my head. Love him! :)

      Like I always say.. It's the small things that make life go around. :)

  3. It does feel good when we have a good someone to boot our darkness out.The No 10- that one is what I always keep reading and castle works for me and so does bones, grey's anatomy.nice post

    1. So true! Have never watched Grey's Anatomy,been recommended a lot to me! Will definitely catch it :)

      Thanks for your comment! :)