29 January, 2013

55 Fiction.

The way he laughed at my failure made me feel like a loser. "I would have killed myself if I had failed at that", he had said. It made my heart wrench. I had always thought of him as a well-wisher who loved me without boundaries. I had always felt that he accepted me with my strengths and weaknesses, but now I was seeing a new side to him, which he had so expertly camouflaged all along. A tear dropped onto my hand. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I didn't know whether to cry about being misunderstood by someone very important to me, or smile about having my best(est) friend with me to squeeze my hand and tell me he understands.


  1. This is not fiction I assume, but if from the bottom of your heart you believe he loves you without boundaries, he will be regretting saying this to you. Just let him know how you felt really.

    Take care:)

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