03 January, 2013

55 fiction.

Our families felt that we were a perfect match. I was a good singer, I could lull the child to sleep a couple of years later. I was a great cook, which meant that I could cater to his taste-buds. I looked quite gorgeous, if I may say so myself, so he didn't have to be embarrassed to introduce me to his friends. His checklist had been achieved. When I asked my mother about him, she told me his annual income. There was apparently no need for communication, no need for understanding and no need to know each other.

The requisites for a successful arranged marriage were complete.  


  1. so true!
    but that means I won't be bothered with the marriage thing at all! :D

    1. Hey I have to say that it's good to see you around here! :)

      Haha :D Thanks for the comment :D

  2. Its like the parents are marrying the bank account rather than the groom himself. The parents not the girl. Its saddening