01 January, 2013

Happy New Year! :)

I thought of all the people who were dancing away to glory. I thought of my friends who were partying with their families. I looked around me; a bed ready to sleep in, a family that's fast asleep and no signs of celebration. I listened to the whirling sound of the fans, the buzzing of the mosquito coil, the boom of fireworks and when I listened deeply, I heard the sound of a heart that was all ready to face what the year was bringing. I wasn't lonely, I was alone. I was in the midst of something that had kept me company so long, my heartbeat. I was scared, nervous, worried and uncertain about the future, but I was ready to face my fears, laugh my inhibitions, to hug and kiss and embrace life with love. I was ready to be dazzled.

The year 2012 went away so quickly that I have no idea what happened when I reflect on it. But there a few lessons that I learnt and a few moments that have turned into memories, that I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Whizzing through 2012..


- I learnt that failure isn't final. I learnt that one makes a decision to fail by refusing to get up. Life will have its ups and downs and it is upto us to make the best out of it.

- I learnt that love is of different forms. A mom's yelling, a dad's advice, a friend's hug, a smile from a stranger, the tears that accompany happy times, they are all love. Love is a feeling, an emotion, a positive vibe. Spread it in your way. You might not be loved the way you want to be, but remember how blessed you are to be loved.

- We meet people in the most unexpected of times and might hit it off. A couple of years later, we might lose that person. They might walk out of our life just as suddenly as they came in. Cry if you must for losing that person, but hold on to the memories. Cherish them. Sometimes, people come into our lives for a reason, to be there when life makes an unexpected turn and to support us through it.

- Live life with the thought that all this might end one day. The things that we so often take for granted might not be there. Say thank you more often and show that you care. Sometimes, the only way to get it out and make it known is to say it, no matter how hard it might be.


- The date that would never repeat in a century was one of the best days of my year life. I got a love package from a wonderful friend/sister and there is nothing that has made me feel more loved than the letter she wrote me. I love her with all my heart and can't thank God enough for giving me someone like her.

My 5ft. dosa :D
- My birthday was a great day, spent with the ones I love and care about.

- 5th September, 2012 was a special day to me. It taught me that love was essentially about perseverance and being there when the time's right AND wrong. There's no excuse for not being there for someone if you love them.

- I had a healthy start to the year. Apart from the occasional flu, it was all in all a healthy year. But, 2012 ended on an unhealthy note. Being scheduled for surgery and health problems. I know it will get better. I will get better. :)

- I finished a year of college in June 2012! In second year now, a senior. :D

- Started to write my book! 10 chapters down and going strong!

- I blogged better than I did last year, in terms of both quality and quantity. I feel so good about it! I tried my hand at 50 Fiction and if I may say so myself, I didn't write all that bad! :D

- We shifted out of our permanent home into a temporary house with my cousin sister, her husband, my nephew and niece. My house has been demolished and is under construction. Can't wait for January 2014 to move back to a new home!


- To read 70 books in 2013 and note down what books I have read.

- To spend more time with my best friends and family and appreciate the relationship we share.

- To not judge anyone, based on looks, incidents, rumors and gossips, but be open minded and listen to them. I will remember that I haven't walked in their shoes.

- To stop spending time with people who talk/think/spend time with me only when they need a favor. (Easier said than done *sigh!*)

- I will work out more often, a 25 minute walk everyday and yoga every alternate day.

- To continue writing my book, no matter what obstacles I face in my path and to write it to the best of my capabilities.

- I will try my best to blog atleast 15 days in a month! I hope I stick to this till the end of the year and further.

- I will reduce my freaky organizational tendency and stop being so obsessive about it. (I doubt I will stick to this!)

- I will be more productive and find out what works for me.

- To get better grades in the two semesters this year. College is expensive, if you're there to party, there are cheaper alternatives. So might as well make it worth it.

That's about it! Here a few photos from this year..

A collage I made for my best friend as a new year gift :)

A very close family friend's son got married :)

Spent a lot of time with this little guy! My nephew :)

Did a lot of water-work ;)

This girl is my queen! Love you little sis!

This tiny creature grew up so much this year and stole my heart! Niece :)

Birthday cake dosa :D

 My favorite i/c at my favorite place with my best friend! *glutton* :P

Best friend/sister's engagement! :)

Best friends of 7 years *touch wood* I love you!!

Spent so much time with this guy! Best best friend ever. :)

All in all, a great year! Lessons learnt, memories made, mistakes forgiven and forgotten, bonds rebonded, love expressed and life lived. All I have now is hope. I hope to have a fantastic year ahead and I hope you do too!!

Happy New Year!! :) 




  1. Happy new year Aaekay May this year bring you a lot of HAPPINESS AND SUCESS, even more friends and memories to carry forward. Always nice to read your article. Love you:)

    1. Thanks Akhil! Same to you :)
      Wonderful wish, hope it comes true!

      Love you too :)

      P.S: You ate most of the birthday 'cake'. So I'm not surprised you're saying YUM :D

  2. The timeline of the past year has been beautifully poured down in words! I am actually amazed by how much exactly you remember about 2012! Nice! Happy New Year AaeKay! God Bless You! :D

    PS: That 5 feet Dosa --> OMG! Mujhe bhi chahiye! :P

    1. Thank you so much Rachit!

      Happy New Year to you too! Have a fabulous year ahead!


      P.S: Meet me soon and we will have one! :)) :D

  3. Aww this is so cute! Reading something here after such a long time and it fills me with happiness! :)

    Wonderful pictures you have there. I hope you fulfill all your dreams and resolutions in the coming year! :) Happy 2013!!!

    PS- If you want, take up a challenge on Goodreads for those 75 books. Keep on updating there and you won't have to actually, 'note down' anything :)

    1. Wow that's such a sweet comment, thank you!! :)

      Happy New Year to you! Have a fabulous year ahead.

      P.S: Great idea! Thanks!

  4. Very cool write-up! Happy new year and may ur wishes and plans come true!!

    1. Thank you! :)

      Happy new year to you too and have a fabulous year ahead!!

  5. You wrote an amazing new year post, I was smiling throughout. I specially loved these lines -'I was scared, nervous, worried and uncertain about the future, but I was ready to face my fears, laugh my inhibitions, to hug and kiss and embrace life with love. I was ready to be dazzled'. Awesome!! :D

    Few points here,
    -Loved all the pics but you shouldn't have put the ice cream pic, I am having a hard time to control myself :P
    -The Lessons, specially the third point. Respect. :)
    -15 posts in a month. OMG :O You're serious, right?? WOW!

    It was so nice reading this post Abinaya. All the best for your resolutions and a Very Happy New Year to you. :D

    1. I was smiling throughout while reading your super awesome comment! I love love long comments! :D

      So glad you liked the lines, thanks! :)

      If we meet, I'll treat you to a triple scoop extra large ice-cream! :D

      My best friend of four years walked out of my life on my birthday. Well, I could focus on how she left me when I needed her most or feel bubbly and warm thinking of the previous birthdays which she made better with her presence. Well, the latter was tougher, but seems to be worth it.

      15 posts.. Yup! *fingers crossed* :D

      Thanks a lot for the super lovely comment Usama!
      Happy New Year!! *hugs!*

  6. That was such an amazing post Aaekay :)

    Full of positivity radiating love and optimism throughout. Loved the pictures, they are so damn beautiful! TOUCHWOOD
    You are really very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful, loving and caring people.May you always bask in such love and laughter - AMEN

    About your book - wow!M super happy on hearing it... All the best for it.

    Wishing you many many more such wonderful years to come where the joy only multiplies :D

    P.S: Where is the birthday cake?

    1. Thanks Me!! :)

      Amen to that wish - hope it comes true! :)

      P.S: No birthday cake, only birthday dosa. You come to Chennai and give me a call and we will go out for a wwwwhhhooollleee day!! :*

    2. BTW I was so DESPERATELY waiting for you to comment! The post seemed so incomplete without your comment!

  7. You write awesomely well!
    I am amazed at the way you put up those 'lessons' and 'memories'.A good read that let me learn something from you.
    Glad that I came across your blog :)

    Best wishes for this year :)

    P.S.: beautiful pick up lines!

    1. Thank you so much! So glad to know you enjoyed reading it. :)

      Happy new year to you and have a fabulous year ahead!

      Hope to see you here more often.. :)