02 January, 2013

Why he felt I 'needed' to be raped.

I walked out one evening,
With my better half,
A pleasant evening it was,
Memories in the making,
That I could revisit in the future.

A white shirt and blue jean I wore,
The classic combo for a date,
I held onto his hand,
Unaware of what was to come.

I heard someone whistle,
I let it go,
I heard someone scream Sheila,
I brushed it away,
Bollywood influence.

Then came comments about my clothes,
How provocatively dressed I was,
I needed to be shown my 'real' place,
Rape was the only solution.

My better half defended me,
Faster we walked away,
From that petrifying scene,
I could still hear them,
Say that women aren't allowed to have fun.

"I will get what I want", he screamed,
What gave them the guts to have a claim over me?
"Manhood gives me the right to rape!"
There, I had got my answer.

He ran after me,
Caught hold of my arm and turned me around,
My heart was in my mouth,
I couldn't breathe,
"How dare you!", he yelled at me,
"Alcohol is for men, not inferior species like you!"

My better half pushed him away,
Only to be called a coward,
For protecting a woman,
Who needed to kept under a man's feet,
To be used, raped and trampled on.

As I fled away from the scene,
My better half running after me,
I knew that I would never revisit this memory,
It daunted my present,
Even the society believed that,
I had asked to be raped.

Am I a free sex toy?
Can't I keep up with technology and use mobile phones?
Was it Bollywood's influence or was it their belief that they would never be punished?
For it was not a crime in their eyes,
It was a way of life,
It was a part of being a man,
Survival of the fittest.

Was he under drugs or alcohol?
Or was he a dog which gets turned on beyond control seeing a bitch?
Did he believe that I wouldn't complain?
Or did he know that society would invariably take his side?
Did he think that ruining my honor would drive me to suicide?
So that he can rest his case?

Delhi gang-rape,
16 rapes in 48 hours,
Violence against women,
Has humanity been laid to rest?

Respect women,
Remember that the actions you do today,
Will find its way back to you in the future,
Remember that while you assault a random women on the road,
Another random man might be assaulting your sister.
Remember that what goes around comes around.

Above all,
Remember that India has woken up from its slumber,
Remember that the time for change has indeed come,
Remember that nobody gave you the right to harass a person,
Or take their life away,
For you are rudely snatching away,
Their dreams, ambitions, plans and their right to live.

P.S: I read the newspaper and all I see throughout is women being raped in different parts of the country. Inspite of the protests across the country, nothing seems to be make an effect. What can we do to spread awareness that rape is wrong? How can we strengthen laws so that rapists get aware that they will be punished for their act?

P.P.S: Akanksha Dureja's blogpost made me write this poem. The reasons why men rape have been majorly borrowed from her article.


  1. Very well put. Thanks for the credits.
    If only those perverts had a mind which could be reset to factory settings..

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      You deserved those credits.

      So true, but sadly I really don't see it happening anytime in the near future..

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. It gave me goosebumps as I read this.... I cannot express my exact emotion at this moment beyond this.

    Superbly written and very well expressed. Raw and hard hitting, the way it should be.. or it is rather.

    1. Thanks a lot Me!

      Your comments mean A LOT to me. :)

  3. Beautifully written !!
    I have one on the same topic check out

  4. REad it again ..Awesomely nailed down row by row.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! :)

      Will definitely check it out soon.

      Happy new year!

  5. Seriously. These guys should be castrated.
    As it said above, India is waking up from it slumber, and hpefully something would happen, that would go in the "mango" people's favour. Fingers crossed.
    Now following you..
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    1. Wow thanks for the great comment! :)

      Thanks for following..

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    thank u