30 March, 2013

An award that came.. Out of the blue! :)

I'm so happy to get my fourth award from the bubbly Srishti Singh! :))

This award totally came out of the blue. I was away from the blogosphere for about two months. One day, I just logged into my blogspot account, opened my dashboard and tada! What do I see? '1 comment pending moderation'. My first thought, I was surprised to see a comment when I hadn't blogged for eons. I had logged in to read stuff that I had written, as I was really down after my nani's death. But there was a comment from Srishti which said that I had received an award from her! :) A good moment indeed!

I've received the 'Creative Blogger Award' from this wonderful person. I love creativity awards! Makes me feel really good. :)

There's a lot of stuff that I have to answer before I can snatch graciously take the award from her! So here goes..

Three things about myself

- There is noway I can shut up, nope, no chance. Not even for a couple of minutes. In fact, my parents used to bribe me by saying that they would buy me anything if I would just shut up for ten minutes. :D

- I look like a malnourished kid, but don't let my looks deceive you. My best friend lost a bet with me once, when he said that I cannot eat four cinnamon rolls, one truffle and a tiramisu!

- I love to read. I love getting lost in a different world and playing the role of a protagonist in my head.

Two things people don't know about me

- I seem to be a very strong person, but as you get to know me better, you'll realize that I'm really sensitive on the inside.

- I have an obsessive compulsive disorder tendency when it comes to organizing my desk, bookshelf, closet, whatever.

One thing you want to change about myself

- Stop procrastinating all the time, everytime.

5 essentials in my life

- Family and friends
- Macbook
- Books to read
- Stationery
- Clothes (I didn't know what to write for #5!)

A dream I just want to live as a dream

- No, nothing of this sort. I want to accomplish and achieve all my dreams!

Ever caught doing anything mischievous or unlawful? If yes, when?

A hell lot of times! :D
I once bunked class under the pretext of wanting to watch a rock concert that was happening at college, but instead escaped home. I got caught on the CCTV at the gate and when I was questioned by my staff the next day, I vehemently swore that it was my look-alike!! :D
Well.. consequences followed. :D

Writing to me is..

A way of expressing myself. It's an amalgamation of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What do you usually go with? Your will or other's will?

Definitely my will. Other people do not take responsibility for their will and at the very least, I will happily face the consequences if my will is wrong.

Does behaving appropriately naturally come to me or do I choose it?

Oh I HAVE to choose it! I'm a very spontaneous person and tend to do a lot of crazy things on impulse. Behaving appropriately is just NOT me. :D

Words I mostly use

I have no clue! There are certain facial expressions that I do very often, like raising one eyebrow and smiling from cheek to cheek.

Favourite quote

"Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.
- Steve Jobs

I'm also supposed to pass on the award to other people, but I have tons of unread posts by my fellow bloggers! I'm totally out of touch with the blogosphere at the moment and I'll pass on the award at a more comfortable pace. Srishti has already passed on the award to the bloggers that I would like to pass onto; Ashna Banga, Rachit and Usama. I'd just like to add Me to this list. :)

I enjoyed answering all these questions. I'm sorry for creating a 'thank you' post nearly a month after receiving the award, but well.. Better later than never!

Thanks for the award once again, Srishti!! :)



  1. Heyy its really sad to read about your Nani... I can truly understand how you must be feeling right now...

    Do take care ...

    Congrats on winning this one, thank you so much for awarding it to Me dear. Truly appreciate it. A perfectly well deserved comeback!!

    1. Thanks Me.. I was super close to my nani. *sigh*

      Thanks a lot!! :)

      I haven't been in touch AT ALL.. I'm so sorry Me. :(

    2. You dont need to be sorry I need to be for not being there when perhaps you needed me the most!

      **holding ears****


    3. Awwwwww you're the cutest thing ever!!! :*

      HUGS!!! :)

  2. Nani's death is one of the painful losses..I guess :(
    May she rests in peace and keeps showering you with her blessings eternally.

    I loved the way you answered with all fun, even though you recently had an aching time. I love that about you!
    Answers are super awesome..especially the unlawful thing u did! :P And the quote is "thumbs up!"

    Good to see you back in form.
    Take care. :)

    1. R.I.P Nani. <3

      I'm glad you love the answers! :)

      Thanks for the comment!