02 April, 2013

A letter, from Aaekay to you.

Dearest sister,

Life had played its game. It threw us together, made us inseparable and fall in love with life because of each other. Many incidents filled us with happiness and moved us closer, but one bad incident pushed us apart. We lost touch, we stopped communicating and life/destiny had won the game.

But what life didn't know then was that some relationships just influence a person so much that leaving them behind and moving on is close to impossible. I shared such a relationship with you. Even when I had lost touch, somewhere within, I knew that I could call you and that I would be offered support and comfort. I understood that nothing could ever change the respect and love I had for you. You are very special and no lemon that life throws my way could tear me away from you.

Such relationships don't need assurance. You don't need to constantly be in touch with such people, you didn't need to guarantee anything, these people understood that relationships cannot be sealed in an agreement form. These people always make us into a better person, just by being there.

You mean the world to me, dear sister. I'm sorry if I didn't express it and I'm sorry for not being around during the most important time in your life. Life might have pushed us apart, but not a day passed by when I didn't think of you. Not a day passed by when your gyaan didn't reassure me that failure was not the end. You brought colors into my grey days, just like a bandhini dupatta. Everytime I needed a hug, seeing the two hugging koala bears you sent my way made me smile. Even the feng shui coin I see when I open my purse reminds me of you.

I have been through some very bad times where I lost some people I deeply cared about. One person left the world to her heavenly abode, I was forced to walk out of another person's life because he refused to be there with me in times of need and memories of someone very close to me who passed away taunted my very existence. It was eerily quiet. But one day, I stumbled across your trinkling bracelet. It didn't just bring music into my life, but new love as well. It opened my eyes to the other people who have always been in my life and have cared for me. It taught me to reciprocate love. It taught me to look in the right places, so that the music shall never pause, but forever continue.

Thank you, loving sister. I promise to be by you in the coming times, no matter what plans life has in store. Yes, life won the game once, but now.. It is our chance to say 'checkmate'. :)

Love you forever,


  1. heyy.... this is sooooooooooo beautiful!!!

    Touchwood to such a beautiful relationship. I agree there are some relationships which dont need reassurance the only fact that they are there means a lot and gives us the strength to carry on against all kind of storms.

    Wishing you loads of love and joy always and May He bless you with such people around you always!

    HUGS <3


    1. Thank you and yes that is indeed so true!! :)


      Thank you again! Tightest hugs!! :)

      So glad you liked it!!