01 April, 2013

For the foodie in me. :D

I was just googling how to make cinnamon rolls and I got to know from a cookery website that this is foodaholic week! This week celebrates food and I thought I'd like to be a part of this week by sharing stuff about the foodie in me. :D

- I love spices! I love the smell and taste of turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala, chaat masala, dry mango power and so on in my food.

- My favourite food is vegetable manchurian. I can eat it 24x7, 365.

- My favourite dessert is tiramisu, no, chocolate donuts, no, chocolate truffle, OH NO! It is vanilla glazed cinnamon rolls. *they're waiting for me in the oven* :D

- My favourite flavor would hands-down any day be chocolate.

- I love the smell, taste and the feel of vanilla essence and add it in every dessert I bake.

- I love banana and berry bread. I hate both those fruits though!

- My favourite food is dal tadka-roti and pakora khadi-chawal.

- My favourite spice is cinnamon. I love the smell and taste of it!

- I look to cook! :)

- Aloo paratha and methi thepla are my favourite roti type foods.

- I LOVE cheese! Oh no, I'd die without cheese. I love cheesecakes, cheesy pasta's and cheese bursting pizza's.

- My favourite ice-cream is coffee and cookie dough ice-cream.

- My favourite beverages are cappuccino with no sugar, but whipped cream and oreo cookie shake.

I think I've contributed enough of my food-loving personality on the blog! I hope I've said enough to make you guys hungry as well ;) *don't throw stones at me*

So.. Here's wishing you guys a HAPPY FOODAHOLIC WEEK!! :))



  1. I am thoroughly confused...i went through so many posts of yours and they engrossed me so much that I felt like turning pages without any interruption but guess comment has to be there as a way to admire your writings...hence..,m writing...loved your blog, not just a single post ...keep writing.._even m following you now ;)

    1. Thank you so much Sadia!! Truly honored!! :))

      Thanks for the follow :D

  2. OMG... you had me all drooling by the time I reached the end of the post :D

    Same pinch for loads of them and huge Hi=5 for being a fellow foodie.

    Wishing you a happy foodaholic week!

    HUGS <3

    1. Hehehe fir toh mission accomplished ;)

      I still remember you telling me how you're allergic to chocolate :O


  3. You gave me just another reason to order junk food! :P
    Hi-5 and thank you so much! And even I hate banana :/

    1. Yay hail junk food! :D
      Yeah bananas are so mushy, squishy, sqaushy, yucky :\

      Hehe thank you for your comment!

  4. Yummm! :D

    Though I am not much of a foodie but so many similar choices..I am shocked!
    And mutual hatred for banana...yuck it is!

    Have a foody week! :D

    1. Haha everybody hates banana kya? :D

      Thanks for the comment!

      Hugs! :)