10 April, 2013

Paused heartbeats.

Eerie silence,
Lurking loneliness,
A still heartbeat,
Filled with despair,
Weeping in search of a loved one,
Whose absence,
Feels not like a prick,
But like a stab with the potential to kill.

Pasted like superglue they were,
The past two days;
A temporary separation,
Not in love, but in distance,
The heart cannot bear,
For the love it craves,
Seems to be a faraway dream,
Unattainable for more days than the heart can bear.

"You're lucky to have him", I am told;
Indeed yes!
For happiness dribbles and joy gushes,
In his presence;
The pleasure of being the apple of his eye,
The ecstasy of being his true love,
Unparalleled and unequaled.

Tears roll down my cheeks,
My heart aches,
For I miss him beyond words can tell,
In a dilemma I am,
Whether to cherish and smile for the memories we made,
Or wail about the time we will spend apart;
In loneliness,
In joy,
In good health,
And in pain,
I promise to be by your side,
For you are a part of me,
A part that nobody can snatch away;
For our love,
With its ups and downs is beautiful;
This moment we shall get through,
And emerge stronger,
Through tears and laughter,
For it is in you I see my future,
One that will make life worth living,
One where forever exists,
And one where I shall never have to be without you. ♥


  1. Well I can really fathom your words now after having a fair look at those attachments ;)
    So true..so deep..so Me..:):):)

    1. *blush blush* :D

      Thanks a ton Sadia! :))