04 April, 2013

The Perfect Two. ♥

"You're my pumpkin pumpkin", he said,
A line enough to make her whine,
For a pumpkin to her meant obese,
Vehemently she refused his cuddly poo's,
And put on a face,
But a smile slipped out,
"I'm your carrot", she said,
"Sweet and yummy,
Forever healthy!"

Enough it was to make him smile,
For she held his heart like a charm,
Life before her,
Seemed like a faraway dream,
Her playfulness, her warmth,
Her childishness,
Every little expression,
Captured his heart,
And made it flutter.

"You're my bow bow", he said,
When she one day imitated a dog,
An imitation so perfect,
That doubts he had of her being a human!

Unable to contain her excitement,
She exclaimed,
"Then you'll be meow!"
Yes my darling,
Like Tom and Jerry,
We shall fight,
Scramble through life,
But life without you,
Would be a dream,
For what is Tom without Jerry?

A blushing beetroot,
Expressions that made her look like a rat,
Eternally arguing like a dog,
She stole my heart,
And refused to return it,
And with pleasure indeed,
I let her keep it.

A comfort zone we had reached,
In a matter of two months,
A zone where no inhibitions existed,
Where we could be ourselves,
And were loved and cherished beyond expectations.

Talks of marriage,
Talks of physical intimacy,
Of her dream house,
Of the random stranger that did a kind deed,
Of pav bhaji's and papaya's,
Not all meaningful talks they were,
But enjoyable and were laughed at,
Everything under the sun we discussed!

But one day,
When she sang,
"You're my pumpkin pumpkin,
Hello hunny bunny!"
Tempted I became and asked her,
"What vegetable am I darling?"
Her lips twitched,
And an expression of deep thought crossed on her face,
Suddenly she squealed,
"You'll be a cucumber!!"
Puzzled, I asked her why,
To which she replied,
"Nothing tastes as yummy with carrots as cucumbers!
They're the perfect pair!"
Her wit and humour,
Made me laugh,
She laughed and it was contagious,
Her eyes twinkled,
Her nose squinched,
And it was a perfect sight,
One to behold.

Confident I became that I would never let go,
Of this bubbly carrot,
She is my bunny,
Of happiness, of joy,
And of all good things,
And she indeed is the one I want to marry,
For she makes me feel perfect,
And together,
We are the perfect two!!! :)

P.S: Please watch this super cute video!! It's one of my favourite songs :)

P.P.S: This post is special to me for a lot of reasons! But the reason that I'm going to state publicly is that THIS IS MY 100th POST!!!!! :)) *woohoo* 
Thanks a lot for the support and the regular comments on my blog. You've been encouraging me to write! I specially want to thank Me, Ashna, Rachit, Usama and Srishti!! Thanks!! This blog wouldn't be the same without you guys! :))



  1. Aww! such a cuuuute poem! Carrot n Cucumber! <3
    And the song....I love it to the core!

    You mentioned me! That was a beyond awesome feeling. More than enough to lighten up a crunchy mood.

    Congratulations dear! :)

    1. Thank you so so so much!! :)

      You deserved the mention hun <3


  2. One can predict the mind through writings and I can actually see u through these words of yours..,chirpy cheerful..giggling all through while jotting these words down...you are perfect pouch of joy and light...keep smiling ...
    And for your post...it made me smile...lovely and lively as your heart...:)

    1. Your predictions.. SO very true!! :)

      Thanks for this lovely comment! You made my day :*!!

      Keep commenting, I love having you around!! :))