03 April, 2013

The secret to relationships.

Broken promises,
Untold words,
Countless arguments,
The very sight of him,
Infuriates me,
Enough to raise a storm,
But sigh,
I have been told,
That relationships are made of such matter.

My mother,
On my marriage day,
Told me to endure,
And persevere,
To preserve intact,
For nothing is more shameful in this society,
Than a broken marriage.

The promises of being there,
The promises he made of keeping me happy,
The promises of a life full of joys,
I looked forward to,
Until I realized,
That they were just meat,
To lure me towards the bait.

This complex world of relationships,
Every being tangled together,
For we are all consanguineous,
What are they made of?
Why are they essential to life?

Call it by any name,
It is indispensible,
It is the basis of life,
Just like the air we breathe,
Or the water we drink.

But why does love of so many forms have cruelty?
Why is it sometimes selfish?
Why is it self obsessed?
Why is it egocentric?
Why are we willing to trample on something that is so necessary to our very existence?

When he fell in love with me,
He promised me a house,
A car to drive myself around,
And a set of diamonds every year,
Those promises were indeed being fulfilled,
Then why not the promise of loving me more everyday?

For love and affection is what this heart yearns,
Companionship is what it craves,
It desires to be heard,
To laugh with joy,
And to be satisfied,
Basking in your love forever.

Such a love,
Does it exist?
Enroute to this realisation,
I met someone,
Who told me tales,
Of unconditional love being forever.

I was shocked,
What was she talking about?
Her husband had been fulfilling his promises everyday, she said;
Curious, I asked her what they were,
She said, "To keep me happy, to be by my side come what may,
And to love me more forever and always."

My interest was piqued,
Isn't this what real relationships are made up of?
I asked her to share the secret,
To guarantee the continuation of human species,
To ensure that the opposite sexes don't launch war against each other,
She laughed aloud and said,
I promised to keep him happy too and to forever be there as his queen,
I vowed to play along with my king, 
To ensure that there will never be a checkmate in our life,
I assured him that my love will never lessen,
I understood that my happiness and peace should come from the inside,
I rest assured that I have given the key to my heart to the right person,
And sow seeds on nutritious soil,
And thus, I shall forever reap what I sow.
I keep on planting seeds,
Giving more and hence receiving more than I need."

"Darling", she said
"Everything in this world is give and take,
Expectations are rising,
Everybody wants better lives, more love, more happiness,
But they fail to realize that life is a circle,
Whatever they give, they shall recieve,
For that is what destiny, fate and karma are all about.
Give what you want in abundance,
And the more you shall receive."

I had indeed understood the message,
I had met a woman who had told me,
How to be happy and satisfied.

If I needed friends,
I had to be friendly.

If I needed more love,
I needed to give love.

If I wanted to spend time with my beloved,
I needed to make time and voice my wishes.

Indeed, I had understood the secret,
To relationships,
But wait..
With the chaotic jumble of words,
That failed to weave a masterpiece,
A masterpiece that intended to share a valuable message,
But somehow, somewhere got tangled, just like a relationship,
Did you understand the message? ;)

P.S: Did you seriously get the message? :D



  1. Ohhh I got the message...the point where we consider taking is our right and giving is our choice...thank you for sharing such a great post...love :)

    1. Yay you got it! :D

      Thanks a lot for your comment :))


  2. Aww ya! I did! :D
    I like the way you create a whole story, complete with a message in this way. I louveed those lines by the friend. Totally true. :)

    1. Yay you understood it too! So I suppose the poem wasn't all that bad :D

      Thanks a lot Ashna for the comment!!

  3. I understood! I understood!
    Was it a try to make us understand the give and take technique? :P

    Very nice girl! Loved it :D

    1. Yay you understood! :D

      Maybe a try ;)

      Glad you loved it. Thanks for the comment!