29 April, 2013

What do I call this?

Thoughts of you being someone else's,
Being happy in another's presence,
Feeling complete with them by your side,
Pricks me like a needle,
Yet feels like a stab to the heart,
What do I call it,

Tales of a long lost love,
I listen to them,
Unable to control my tears,
That flow down my cheeks,
Due to uncontrollable laughter,
But the thought of you having more fun with them,
I cannot bear to think so,
What do I call it,

Your love,
I cannot endure sharing with anyone else,
For what we share is something so deep,
So precious,
That shallow feelings like infidelity do not have place,
What do I call it,

Your hands on my waist,
Your arms hugging me tightly,
Perfectly I fit in your arms,
Snugly I feel too,
The perfect pair we believe we are,
What do I call it,

The role of a lover,
You play so well,
For you look out for my every need,
And fulfill it beautifully,
Making me wonder,
How exactly did I find someone tailor made for me?
What do I call this,

Uncertain is our future,
Miles apart we might live,
Though always near at heart,
A long distance relationship we might keep,
Skype might be our savior,
But I know in my heart that you shall forever be,
Nobody but you..
What do I call this,

Nobody so perfect was ever created,
For you are my jigsaw puzzle,
My better half,
You complement me,
You supplement me,
What do I call this,