27 April, 2013

Will you ever stop loving me?

With a childish smirk on my face,
I make sure you accept,
Whatever it is I want.

With tons of tantrums,
I ensure,
That things go my way.

A huge smile on my face,
Is enough to convince you,
To do things with me,
That you generally never would.

Unsaturated, undiluted love,
With every incident,
Proportionally it rises,
Will you ever stop loving me?

When in anger,
You say words,
With a potential to hurt,
Insecure I get,
For will you ever stop loving me?

With the ups and downs,
That life will present us,
Will your love decrease?

Insecurity could have easily been my name,
Vulnerability my character,
For chilled to the bone I get,
When I think that a day might come,
When you would stop loving me.

The beautiful sunrise,
The marvelous sunset,
And every moment in between,
Waking and asleep,
I wish to spend by your side,
Drenched in your love,
So as we spiral down the path of uncertainty,
I'd like to know..
Will you ever stop loving me?

P.S: Is there a way to password protects posts (not the entire blog) in blogger? Please do let me know!


  1. Lovely poem!!

    I wonder how can someone say NO as an answer to this beautiful heart touching poem :)

    P.S: I am too sure about blogger, wordpress does have that option though. Will check and get back to you!

    1. Thanks a ton Me!! :)

      You're too sweet. :*

      P.S: Sure.. Let me know. I'm not too comfortable posting certain work knowing the world can read it :O