11 April, 2013

You're my blessing! ♥

Stolen glances,
Teasing kisses,
Quick hugs,
Lovely smiles,
That tug,
At my heart so hard,
And make me glad,
That we're together.

Hullalulu dances,
At midnight;
Cannibals we become,
And in fright,
Whisper tales we have heard,
Of cannibals in the Amazon,
Well out of sight.

On my toes I stand,
Stretch them as far as they would go,
To give you a peck,
For I look like a rat,
Placed next to a giraffe,
Your lips I can hardly reach,
Till you bend,
To intoxicate me with your breath.

Evening prayers,
We never miss,
Diyas we light,
Filled with bliss,
Thankful for each day,
For each other,
And for every moment,
A blessing you are,
From the Lord,
For immeasurable happiness I experience,
With you by my side.

My life without you was like a jigsaw puzzle,
Jumbled the pieces were,
Hardly making sense,
But once you entered my life,
Everything fell into place,
Perfection was in sight,
Happiness and love galore,
For you, my dear,
Are life's very own blessing. ♥


  1. Aaekay! This is so WOW!
    It's so sweet...each line and has it's own beauty. Enjoyed!

    1. Thanks a ton for this wonderful comment Srish! :) <3

  2. Lovely...this is the kind of love one always crave for...:)

    1. So true! :)

      Thanks for the comment!