22 May, 2013

Wish Me A Bon Voyage! :D

Hello everyone,

College has officially closed and summer has rolled by! I'm off on a 16-day vacation starting tomorrow and will be back only on the 7th of June. There won't be any new posts on my blog till then, but after I'm back I hope I fall back into tune :) I will be out of touch from all of you (read technology). Hope I come back rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on the world! :D

Have a great fortnight and stay safe.

Take care. <3 br="">

Love and hugs,

21 May, 2013

55 fiction.

He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and jumped with joy. They were meeting after two weeks. She hugged him so tightly and he reciprocated.

I was elated beyond words can tell to realize that divorce hadn't changed Anish's love for his daughter.

15 May, 2013

Never judge someone, until you walk a mile in their shoes.

"She wears rags instead of clothes."
- Maybe because she's poor?

"She is so fat, why can't she bloody exercise?"
- She might have thyroid or any such disease.

"Why does have to wear clothes that reveal her cleavage? She must be a slut."
- She could be from a decent family, trying to find her identity, while stuck between her peers.

It's effortless to judge. It's easy to assume that fat people are lazy. It's even easier to assume that they're ugly. But until, you know someone's story, don't judge. Someone once asked me how I could be sure that a particular fat person had thyroid. In all honesty, I didn't. I didn't know her name, forget her medical history. Maybe she was lazy - but what would I get assuming so?

I get judged a lot. I'm talkative and I'm loud. I'm an extrovert. But I don't talk to everyone easily. I've heard people say I have an attitude problem when I do that or their common statement is, "Oh, so X is out of AaeKay's league." I could deny it, but I don't take that effort. I don't go around proving to everyone how I am. I don't find the necessity to - maybe a reason why they shouldn't find the need to judge me.

Judging a person is a deliberate decision one makes. It's not human nature, it's not natural. If it comes naturally to you, please control the urge to judge. Remember that you don't know her story. If you want to conclude something about a person, talk to them and find out about them. Get to know them. Bask in their warmth. Enjoy their company. Sometimes, there is a sensitive heart beneath a built body and layers of love to share beneath layers of fat. Find that.

Never talk about a person behind their back. Just because half the world does it doesn't make it right. I find it more comforting to be called whatever you judge about me on my face, rather than from someone after it has passed through fifty pairs of ears. Don't defame words. They're meant to spread hope, happiness and love. It's through the power of words that suicide attempts are prevented. It's through words that one feels beautiful. It's words that give one the power to make or break a person's day - sometimes even their life. Use them wisely.

I'm sorry if I'm giving out advice here, but I admit I'm not perfect. I have a very short temper and can get angry at a snap. I'm neither the most patient. But I have a heart that cares, a hand that will hold my loved ones and two ears that will not just hear, but listen.


12 May, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! :)

She is an epitome of patience, compassion and love. Someday, when I have kids, I hope I can be as patient as her with them. She compromises on her needs to satisfy my wants. She held my hand and guided me till I was old enough to walk my path by myself. She grew me up into a fiercely independent and a dignified woman. There's never been a day when she didn't have time to listen to my rants or when she didn't give me a helping hand when I needed it. She's taught me a lot of lessons, the most important ones being to never judge others and to always be there for my loved ones. I can say thank you in a hundred languages (using Google translate of course!), but it would still never be enough.

Thank you for choosing to bring me into this world.
Thank you for taking care of me when I was too young to take care of myself.
Thank you for teaching me love, hope and faith.


Thank you for everything.

You're my source of sunshine.

I love you, Mum and wouldn't trade you for anything in the world.

Mommie darling :*
Happy Mother's Day!

09 May, 2013

55 fiction.

He drank water and put the bottle down. I pointed at him, signalling for water. Instead, he put his hand in mine and smiled. I smiled back and said that I had actually gesticulated for water. He laughed and passed me not only the bottle, but a glass as well.

That's the power of communication. It's impossible for even our closest ones to read our thoughts and understand all our expressions. But if we voice our needs and wants, rest assured that most of them will be fulfilled. 

So.. express your feelings and live every moment in those emotions.

55 fiction.

I woke up to seeing him stretch in the balcony, taking in the morning sun. He worked out, admired himself in the mirror and when he caught sight of me peeking at him, he flashed his most beautiful smile. He looked like a Greek goddess with the sun rays reflecting off his dusky skin. He curled up next to my legs and gave me a tight hug. Finally, he unraveled the blanket off my body and said, "You're the most beautiful and most compassionate person I have ever known."

My day had indeed started off on a beautiful note.

08 May, 2013

55 fiction.

That smile of his made everything worth it. Our fights, arguments and disagreements all seemed such petty issues, when I saw that radiant smile of his brighten up not only his face, but my life as well. He made my heart glow with content. It reinforced my belief that we would make it to the end, however long forever would be. I knew that I would enjoy every moment of the journey and treasure it with all my life.

Life is really beautiful when our loved ones smile. 

So don't think too much, just spread your lips, flash your teeth and smile!! It makes our world more brighter and a lot more beautiful.

55 fiction.

If I had just a few minutes of an anger outburst, I could be sure that my day would be ruined. He wouldn't talk at all, but sulk and put up a face. He'd act like I had committed a heinous crime and wouldn't say a word more than necessary.

I don't know what is at fault - my temper and mood swings or if it is the way he reacts to getting screamed at.

07 May, 2013

55 fiction.

A phone call. A text message. Anything would do. I just needed to know that he was safe. I kept looking at the phone, waiting for it to ring. I wished I could hear his sweet voice telling me that he slept off and thus, didn't call. I hoped that he had missed his flight. I longed for anything but this..

As I changed channels on the television, I prayed that he wasn't one among the dead in the flight bomb blast.

P.S: My Dad was on a flight to the States during the Twin towers bomb blast. No, he wasn't on one of those two flights, but he was there when it all took place. *shivers*

Stay safe,

05 May, 2013

Love that transcends boundaries..

Love that transcends boundaries,
Of tradition and culture,
Is viewed outcast,
For within our caste is what we seek.

Love that transcends boundaries,
Of age,
Should not take place,
Marrying a younger man,
“Oh so unacceptable!”
Are responses we shall face.

Love that transcends boundaries,
Of height,
Being a couple,
With a man oh-so-tall,
Is not what the society accepts.

Love that transcends boundaries,
Civilization will not endure,
For oh Lord,
What a danger it poses,
To the generations to come,
Love marriages will be accepted with open arms,
Matchmakers will go out of kaam,
Western influence would be in our land,
Then who would we blame for all wrong?!

 *hail sarcasm!* :P


You are.. my need.

A rock solid support,
One who is always by my side,
Irrespective of whether my decision is right or wrong,
This is what I need.

A teddy bear,
One I can hug at night,
And sleep tight,
This is what I want.

A wonderful communicator,
Someone who listens to me intently,
And understands what I speak,
This is what I need.

Just the way the sun gives to the earth,
I want him to love me,
For this is what I want.

Actions that portray true love,
Words that speak love,
Bountiful hugs and kisses,
This is what I need.

Forever in love with me,
Never leaving my side,
Always in his heart,
I wish to be,
For you are whom I need.


55 fiction.

It was the color of skin and it seemed to be all I could look at. It peeped out and was a stark contrast to the color of the clothes she had worn. I wish I could take my eyes off it, but I my mind played dirty games by imagining the treasures that lay beneath it. I wished I could cuddle it, feel it and make it all mine.

If only women knew how to dress without showing what lay underneath, many rapes could be prevented.

P.S: This is exactly what our society believes is the reason for rape - the clothes that a woman wears!!

04 May, 2013

This is what it feels like..

I leaned on your shoulder,
And felt your hand against my cheek,
The heat in your palm,
Comforted me in the shivering cold,
This is what home feels like.

You pulled me close to you,
And balanced me with your hands,
Then you twisted me around,
And gave me a warm hug,
This is what belonging feels like.

You took it up as your responsibility,
To make sure I was motivated enough,
To do the right things,
You heard my calls for help,
And attended to it immediately,
This is what being watched out for feels like.

You made sure I was happy,
To the stars you went,
To ensure a smile on my face,
When I got angry,
You patiently listened to the reasons for my anger,
Never did you raise your voice,
Or make me feel small;
You're my true inspiration,
You're a beautiful person, in and out,
And yes.. I can whole heartedly say,
This is what love feels like.

So.. What went wrong?

He told me I was beautiful,
He told me I was wonderful,
He said I’m a rock-star,
Compliments he paid me everyday,
So are you wondering..
What went wrong?

Hugs uncountable,
Non-stop chitchat,
Long hours we spent talking,
So are you wondering..
What went wrong?

When he feel sick,
I met him at the hospital,
I got lost enroute,
But I made it just as he finished his scan,
Happy he was to see me,
So are you wondering..
What went wrong?

An avid reader he was too,
Books we exchanged,
And read away to glory,
Lost in the protagonist’s world,
So are you wondering..
What went wrong?

Expectations weren’t high,
But forever was what I wanted,
I was willing to give,
But how much or how little was what he counted,
Compromise he did too,
So are you wondering..
What went wrong?

I did this,
So you do that,
Bartending happened a lot,
Tit for tat,
Now do you understand..
What went wrong?

In I went,
For a surgery,
To pull out my wisdom teeth,
Though into the sinus bone they were,
Out they went, off my gum,
But in those moments of pain,
For him I longed,
But never he was by my side,
Now do you understand..
What went wrong?

Time he never had,
To spend by my side;
I felt like an option,
On whom time didn’t need to be invested,
Now do you understand..
What went wrong?

Possessiveness was on the rise,
Jealousy issues,
With my best friend he fought,
Stuck I felt,
Between these two,
Now do you understand..
What went wrong?

Strangled I felt with him,
I had no personal growth,
Neither did the relationship thrive,
Now do you understand..
What went wrong?

In the midst of nowhere,
We had lost sight of each other,
Our futures were no longer entwined,
Now do you understand..
What went wrong?

Of course,
Like with any relationship,
Lessons I learnt,
Memories I made, some I still cherish,
But moved on we have,
In different routes,
Tread we will our own paths,
But wherever you go..
I wish you the best,
For you have been a part of my life,
You have played a role in molding me,
To whom I am today,
So while I always wish you good,
I hope you shall always be happy,
Wherever you are,
Thank you for being a part of my past,
Which was once a part of me. 

55 fiction.

I was the only one awake in the dark, cold station. Or so I thought. After what seemed like eons, I heard footsteps. My heart thumped and my pulse increased. I was scared of whom it could be. I pulled the blanket over me and pretended to be asleep. I didn't want to be noticed. I didn't want to be raped. Mum had told me that my curves shouldn't be visible, neither should my anklets or my long hair. She said they were signs that I was a girl.

The burden of being a rag-picker with no place to sleep and the trauma of being haunted by men who only viewed me as a sex object.  

03 May, 2013

Love a guy who..

Love a guy who..
Will watch your favourite movies,
Give you his shoulder when you cry,
And not say,
"It's just a movie!"

Love a guy who..
Hates to read,
But yet will read what you write;
For making you happy,
Seems to be his goal.

Love a guy who..
Will drop you home late at night,
Even when you live 50kms away;
Who will take the pain to keep you safe,
Even when it will take him 4 hours to get back home.

Love a guy who..
Always respects the decisions you take,
Keeps you in track with your goals,
Motivates you,
And helps you realise your dreams.

Love a guy who..
Understand your mood swings,
And doesn't make them into a big deal,
Who deals with them maturely,
And doesn't blow it up.

Love a guy who..
Will stay up to watch you sleep,
Who will tell you bedtime stories,
And make sure the demons that haunt you in your dreams,
Stay far, far away.

Love a guy who..
Will keep a hot water pack on your tummy,
When the time of the month arrives,
Who pampers you with hugs and chocolates,
And keeps irritability away.

Love a guy who..
Will roam around twenty shops,
To buy you the perfect dress,
Get your size for you to try in trial rooms,
Comment on how it looks,
And help you get that dress,
All with a smile on his face.

Love a guy who..
Would compromise on everything,
Just to spend a few extra minutes with you,
For it is that time he cherishes,
And feels like a part of you.

Love a guy who..
Will hunt down your favourite book,
By your favourite author,
And hand it to you,
When you least expect it,
Just for a squeal and a smile.

Love a guy who..
Will choose the ice-cream you want him to,
Belgian chocolate for you,
Caramel chocolate for him,
Just so that you can have both your favourites.

Love a guy who..
Will go to any extent,
For a genuine smile,
Who will treat you like his world,
For that is what you mean to him;
A guy who will hug you when you are down,
And listen to you when you need to let it out;
A guy who will stay by your side, no matter what;
A guy who understands what you communicate,
And who knows that his presence makes you happy;
A guy who will be there when you need him;
He will be a tissue, a pillow, a lover,
A friend, a bedtime companion,
A story reader, a teddy bear,
He will be everything you need him to be..
And more..
For he sees you as his world.

Just remember,
That such a guy exists,
And he isn't the one you should let go off,
Hold onto him and make him happy,
For he is so very worth it.


P.S: This post was inspired by Sunaina Patnaik's blogpost. It is a very beautiful article and I was really moved by it! 

01 May, 2013

The Happiest Girl. :)

He waited for me,
At the bus stop,
With a smile on his face,
One that melted my heart.

Multi-colored clothes he wore,
I had to stifle a laugh,
So as to not offend him,
But hear me out,
Yellow, red and blue is a bad combination!

I pinched him hard,
And away I ran,
He chased me around the house,
It reminded me of my childhood,
When we played lock and key,
But romantic this was,
For it was he who held my heart.

He held me in an embrace,
His eyes met mine,
His hands on my waist.
My hands around his neck,
His hugs, so warm and tender,
And his perfume lingered.

Aaaaaaah what I can say,
He makes me feel at peace,
He bring infinite joy into my life,
He is a bundle of energy,
And I blush as I say this..
He makes me feel like the happiest girl on Earth. :)