03 May, 2013

Love a guy who..

Love a guy who..
Will watch your favourite movies,
Give you his shoulder when you cry,
And not say,
"It's just a movie!"

Love a guy who..
Hates to read,
But yet will read what you write;
For making you happy,
Seems to be his goal.

Love a guy who..
Will drop you home late at night,
Even when you live 50kms away;
Who will take the pain to keep you safe,
Even when it will take him 4 hours to get back home.

Love a guy who..
Always respects the decisions you take,
Keeps you in track with your goals,
Motivates you,
And helps you realise your dreams.

Love a guy who..
Understand your mood swings,
And doesn't make them into a big deal,
Who deals with them maturely,
And doesn't blow it up.

Love a guy who..
Will stay up to watch you sleep,
Who will tell you bedtime stories,
And make sure the demons that haunt you in your dreams,
Stay far, far away.

Love a guy who..
Will keep a hot water pack on your tummy,
When the time of the month arrives,
Who pampers you with hugs and chocolates,
And keeps irritability away.

Love a guy who..
Will roam around twenty shops,
To buy you the perfect dress,
Get your size for you to try in trial rooms,
Comment on how it looks,
And help you get that dress,
All with a smile on his face.

Love a guy who..
Would compromise on everything,
Just to spend a few extra minutes with you,
For it is that time he cherishes,
And feels like a part of you.

Love a guy who..
Will hunt down your favourite book,
By your favourite author,
And hand it to you,
When you least expect it,
Just for a squeal and a smile.

Love a guy who..
Will choose the ice-cream you want him to,
Belgian chocolate for you,
Caramel chocolate for him,
Just so that you can have both your favourites.

Love a guy who..
Will go to any extent,
For a genuine smile,
Who will treat you like his world,
For that is what you mean to him;
A guy who will hug you when you are down,
And listen to you when you need to let it out;
A guy who will stay by your side, no matter what;
A guy who understands what you communicate,
And who knows that his presence makes you happy;
A guy who will be there when you need him;
He will be a tissue, a pillow, a lover,
A friend, a bedtime companion,
A story reader, a teddy bear,
He will be everything you need him to be..
And more..
For he sees you as his world.

Just remember,
That such a guy exists,
And he isn't the one you should let go off,
Hold onto him and make him happy,
For he is so very worth it.


P.S: This post was inspired by Sunaina Patnaik's blogpost. It is a very beautiful article and I was really moved by it! 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post. Now, I will pass this link to him. ;)

    1. Awwwwwww thank you! :)

      Haha sure! Me touched :D

  2. hmmm very true, but does such a person exist????????? hope so...

    1. Yup such a person does exist! They will come into your life when the time is right! :) <3

  3. Very well written! Just wondering if such a guy exists?! Yes I totally agree to your point on when the time is right... How much ever we cry, laugh or think it is the Destiny that will choose you:)

    1. SO TRUE!! :)

      I loved your comment. Very beautiful! And thank you for reading and commenting on what I write. Makes me happy! :)

    2. You write awesome... I can totally relate to it! :)

    3. Honored and touched! Thank you hun! :)

  4. If only.
    Perfection ceases to exist in today's world.

    1. I'm not sure this is an if only situation. I believe that there's always someone tailor made to suit us. He/she may not be perfect for the world, but he will be perfect for us! :)

      Thanks for sharing what you felt and for the comment!!

      Hugs! :)

  5. Replies
    1. What a comment hehe! :D

      Thank you anyway ;)

    2. Not really good with expressing myself, AK :D

    3. Haha not a problem. :D

      Thanks for the comment! ;)

      Hope to see you around, hugs!

  6. Beautifully written re... touched!

    1. So glad you liked it!
      Thank you :)